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Canadian Cloud hosting services Review

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Canadian Cloud hosting services are the latest trend in the hosting market in Canada. Cloud hosting has many advantages over shared hosting services and sometimes performs better than dedicated hosting solutions.

Cloud hosting services offer web hosting on virtual servers that take their computing resources from vast networks underlying physical web servers. It exists as an alternative to hosting websites on a single server (either dedicated or shared servers) and can be considered an extension of the concept of cluster hosting where websites are hosted on multiple servers. With cloud hosting, however, the network of servers that are used is extensive and often drawn from different data centres in different locations.

Canadian Cloud hosting

Canadian Cloud Hosting or Cloud Computing offers rapid deployment of the processing power fully scalable with unlimited storage, delivered online in Canada. The Cloud operates on a set of pooled computing resources that allows customers to build their business on the web without the hassle of having to buy new equipment to meet all the increasing demands of traffic.

Canadian application hosting

Canadian cloud hosting is currently growing at an unprecedented rate, and professional business and financial discover both the power, agility and affordability of application hosting services. Canadian coverage gives hosting professionals the ability to access their vital programs and data using a machine or device where they use nothing more than an active Internet connection. Since Canada is a huge country, it tends to be a large part of the geographical separation between company offices and business customers. With Canadian cloud hosting, doing business over long distances is a problem.

Canadian Cloud Hosting Software

Canadian Cloud hosting services offer a variety of software with the infinite possibilities of extending according to your needs. For accounting and tax solutions, they offer popular solutions such as Intuit ProFile hosting and hosting QuickBooks and Sage 50 Canadian cloud hosting. Each deployed virtual desktop comes standard with Microsoft Office, but also offers more advanced business solutions such as Sage ACT! hosting or other CRM tools in the cloud.

Canadian Cloud Hosting Advantages:

  • • Vital access applications and your business information in the cloud anywhere, anytime.
  • • Multi-user real-time editing allows your company to work in the field with the most current information available.
  • • Integration with deployable everyday software in the cloud including QuickBooks, and SmartVault Office.
  • • Installed Updates and anti-virus monitoring done behind the scenes by certified engineers.
  • • Full functionality using any device: PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

Why choose a Canadian Cloud Hosting?

Going North with your data? We do not blame you! There is a multitude of reasons in addition to being a local Canadian company that will host your data in the countries of North America and its 13 provinces and territories. Canada’s long and complex relationship with the United States led to a very distinct development of its economic and legal frameworks, and there are significant commercial benefits to Canadian cloud hosting because of it.

Customer service

Canadians are well. Just / r / AskReddit about Good Guy Canada and you will not be disappointed! Most people do not know until they know firsthand – Canada is among the best-rated countries in the quality of service to global customers. With a history of a highly educated workforce and politeness, you can expect the best customer service from our northern neighbours.

Economical choice for Cloud Hosting

Canadian data centres benefit from a wide supply of clean, renewable energy that also escapes having to rely as much on air conditioning with its colder climate. Combined with operational efficiency, Canadian companies also get to do business with a favourable exchange rate against the US dollar.

A strong economy and SEO benefits

If Canadian consumers want to capture attention with your internet business, you’ll want to have an IP address that is pointing to a Canadian server for a number of reasons. Web searches are more than likely to come across as engines and coming across local companies much more visible than a .com address.

The best Canadian cloud hosting providers in

Market research firm IDC has revealed the top 3 providers of Canadian Best Web Hosting, and in alphabetical order, they are BLACKIRON Data Inc, Comwave and CloudPath of Pathway.

  • BLACKIRON Data Inc. – As a pioneer in providing servers “in the cloud” data BLACK IRON understands the importance of powerful and reliable cloud infrastructure. BLACK IRON offers public, private and hybrid cloud with outstanding performance and control, from backup and security servers. Recently received LEED Silver certification.
  • Comwave – Largely independent communications company in Canada, the Canadian industry leader in hosted PBX solutions for business, residential VoIP phone service, mobile applications, the long-distance savings wholesale and SIP Trunking.
  • Pathway’s CloudPath™ – Your own private “virtual data centre” secure in the cloud. Our engineers help you design your cloud and work with you to migrate your services. Your applications are hosted in our Tier III certified and SOC 2 Type II compliant data centre – a facility that meets the highest standards of reliability, security and availability. Your data never leaves Canadian soil so your privacy is protected by the USA PATRIOT Act.

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