Do the Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator Course and Grow Your Career

The forensic investigation involves gathering crucial evidence by applying forensic techniques from digital devices to report the criminal activity to stop any future attacks. With so many technological developments in the last few years, the digital world has significantly expanded, and such a rise has also attracted a large number of cybercrimes. In digital forensics, many techniques are used to discover data present in a digital device and recover damaged file information and corrupted data. If you are interested in this field and want to become a successful professional, a Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator or CHFI course will be beneficial. 

About the Course

This course has an EC-Council certification and is designed to train students in all the skills required to identify, trace, and prosecute the responsible entity. These cyber forensics courses are perfect for both public and defence personnel. The certificate proves beneficial for people working in the legal, banking, e-business security, and insurance sectors. 

You will learn through in-depth theoretical training and hands-on practical lessons. The course teaches how to gather vital evidence that helps prosecute a cyber-criminal. 

Usually, cybercrime is any criminal activity involving breaching a computer or network system. You may have to gather evidence related to various computer crimes, including theft, destruction of intellectual property, cyber fraud, and theft of trade secrets. Doing this CHFI course will help you learn all the basic techniques.

Key features are as follows.

  • More than 50 hours of instructor-led live training
  • Practical-oriented learning
  • Inclusion of CHFI exam voucher
  • Access to recorded sessions and study materials
  • Technical support
  • Chance to make the payment in two instalments

Know the Prerequisites to Join This Certification Course

The most updated format of the Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator course is CHFI v9. The exam code for this format is 312-49. Even though the certification does not involve any major prerequisite, it will be better to complete the Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) course. The knowledge you have earned from this course will help you understand the underlying concepts of forensic investigation.

Apart from aspiring ethical hackers, this course can also be learned by someone who wants to protect their cyber assets from illegal hackers. Every student will be required to sign the non-disclosure agreement to confirm that they will not use the learned skills to perform any unethical activity.

Check Out the Examination Pattern, Passing Score, and Duration

The examination will be objective-type, where you will need to answer 150 questions. The duration of the examination is 4 hours, and the pass-mark is 70%. You may feel happy to hear that there is no negative marketing. 

How Long Will the Certificate Stay Valid?

Your CHFI certificate will stay valid for 3 years. However, you have the option to extend the validity by taking part in EC-council Continuing Education.

Why Hacker School?

The Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator course offered by Hacker School involves extensive content-rich modules where you will get the chance to learn through hands-on training. Here each student is given equal attention so that everyone can learn the topics easily. So, check the availability of seats and enrol today.

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