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affordable Action Cameras Body Mount

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You can capture stunning POV shots with your action camera by using a good Action Cameras Body Mount. With the camera mounted securely on your body, it allows you to capture the view as you go about your daily activities. As they are typically strapped to your chest, body mounts are also called chest straps and chest strap mounts.

This post will show you the best seven action camera mounts that are affordable for amazing POV shots.

How to Wear an Action Cameras Body Mount.

You can wear a body/chest-mounted by simply unclipping the mount and placing the straps in a vest style with the mount facing forward. Then, clip it back. The straps can be adjusted to fit your body. Attach your action camera to its mounting point at the center.

This is how an action camera body mount looks. Once you attach the action camera to mount, the angle can be adjusted according to your needs.

#1. Amazon Basics Chest Mount Harness

This chest harness by Amazon Basics, is the best-priced mount for your action cam. It is extremely affordable at less than $10. Compatible with all GoPro Hero Series cameras It secures your camera securely and protects it at all times.

Amazon Basics Chest Mount Harness allows you to capture amazing POV shots of your adventures such as skiing, cycling, and snowboarding. It can be adjusted to fit most body types. The mount can also be adjusted to fit a wider frame.

#2. GoPro Performance Chest Mount

Official GoPro product, the GoPro Performance Chest Mount. It is probably the most expensive of the products listed here. This body mount is made from lightweight and breathable materials. It offers superior quality. A standard 3-prong mount is easy to fit almost anyone. The mount can be adjusted to fit different body types or heavy clothing.

GoPro Performance Chest Mounts are stable, flexible, and padded. They can capture steady, hands-free POV footage. Its quick-release buckle allows for easy in/out even when gloves are on. The GoPro Performance Chest mount is an excellent body mount for any activity, including skiing, biking, surfing or other activities.

#3. Sametop Chest Mount Harness Chesty Strap

The Sametop Chestmount Harness is a great choice for those looking for a lightweight mount. It’s lightweight, durable, adjustable and comfortable for any body type. This mount works with all GoPro Hero cameras, as well as other action cameras such Osmo Action. It is ideal for filming stunt videos at the best angle.

While you are participating in activities such as skiing, skating, snowboarding or snorkeling, the Sametop Chest Mount Mount Harness Chesty Strap allows you to see footage lower than your helmet.

#4. MiPremium Chest Mount Harness

The MiPremium Action Cameras Body Mount is compatible with all action cameras and allows you to capture extremely stable footage. It is made from lightweight and durable nylon material and polycarbonate. This body mount allows you to enjoy all your adventures without having to use any tools. Mount allows you to tilt 180 degrees and get different angles. The mount comes with a J hook to allow for quick in-outs of your action cameras.

The MiPremium Chest mount Harness has adjustable straps that can be adjusted to fit different body types. The best thing about this mount is the Direct Attach Mount that can be attached to your action camera. You don’t have to buy any additional mounting accessories.

#5. CamKix Chest Mount Harness

The CamKix Chestmount Harness is an excellent choice for those who love to capture their sport in high-quality POV shots. This body mount is very affordable and offers many amazing features that allow you to capture stunning action videos while biking, climbing, skiing or snowboarding.

CamKix Chest Mount Harness works with all GoPro cameras. It provides the ideal position for your camera. This chest mount is extremely comfortable thanks to its fully padded design. The included J-hook allows the unit to curve up for different angles.

What body mount should you get for your Action Camera?

These products are among the most popular on the market. No matter what body mount you pick from the list above, you will be able capture amazing POV shots of your action. The Amazon Basics Chestmount Harness is the best action camera mount. If you are looking for a great body mount that doesn’t break the bank, this is it.

The GoPro Performance chest mount is a great choice for GoPro users who don’t mind spending a little more to get a quality, official body mount.

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