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13 Creative Wall Ideas for Your Room Decor

No one wants to wake up in a boring white box. Decorating your creative wall ideas is a crucial part of the interior design process, but it feels more significant in the bedroom. Indeed, a lack of wall decors is likely to make your bedroom feel unfinished. These designer-approved bedroom creative wall ideas can help you brighten up the space, whether you’re on a budget, thinking about going bold with wallpaper, or seeking innovative art display inspiration. Avail amazing off using interior icons promo code while buying home decoratives.

Some Best Creative Wall Ideas

Upholster the Walls

Have you ever had a stronger desire to climb into bed than you have right now? The somber gray velvet walls and headboard add a smoky, textually rich fascination and mystery to Alison Pickart’s otherwise white, light, and airy environment. These walls don’t require any artwork because they speak for themselves. 

The velvet headboard cost about $1499 from CB2.

Add Texture to your Walls

Kelly Hohla created a vibrant bedroom with patterns and vivid colors. The metallic highlights stand out, and the brutalist sculpture adds depth, but the layers of materials make everything comfortable. Of course, the quirky wallcovering is a work of art in and of itself.

A Metal Wall Decor cost about $159 from Castile.

Mimic a Mural

If you don’t have any painting talents, hire someone to make a mural for you, or try a cool, transitory wallpaper. Studio DB chose a painterly blue wallpaper for this room.

Horizon Wallpaper cost up to $148 from Anthropologie.

Mount Some Antlers

Depending on how you style antlers, they can be rustic, hip, or even glam (yeah, truly). Choose a metallic variant to combine with jewel tones, or go for a vintage-inspired option, as Heidi Caillier did in this colorful bedroom.

Lazy Susan Gazelle Horns cost about $124. 

Hanging a Textile

Make your bedroom the coziest space in the house by hanging a textile wall hanging in it. The Suzani contrasts with the abstract wall art and traditional carpet and drapes in this eccentric bedroom designed by Janie Molster.

Vintage Suzani’s prices are $169.

Rethink about Placement

Instead of hanging a single piece over the bed, consider a more unusual arrangement that encompasses all the walls. In this hip room, interior designer Tamsin Johnson piled two little pieces in the corner before hanging one giant abstract painting on the neighboring wall.

Rives Granade Future Fossil Painting cost about $870.

Spice up with Millwork

The ornate wall moldings in this monochromatic blush pink bedroom created by Shapeless Studio give just a bit of character without overpowering the space’s subdued tone.

Ekena Millwork Molded Wainscot Panel is about $14. 

Mix Adult & Kid-friendly Decor

Mix timeless artwork with vibrant, youthful wall decor in a child’s room. Heidi Caillier chose a gilt-framed painting and a wall-mounted giraffe bust for this bedroom.

Serena & Lily Felted Giraffe is for $168.

Built-In Bookcases

This hot air balloon patterned wall covering gives the little bedroom a sense of soulfulness and movement. It’s a lovely way to frame the built-in shelf wall. It’s both timeless and creative, according to designer Katie Lyndon.

Lamps Plus White Linen Swing Sconce cost about $110.

Arrange a Gallery Wall

The asymmetrical gallery wall warms up this Scandinavian-style bedroom, wanted it to feel more personal and lived-in. Moreover, a mix framed items with taped-up vintage findings or your own artwork for a low-cost wall art show.

A set of Vintage Botanical Prints cost about $55.

Paint a Pattern

The patterned wallpaper is a good start, but the elaborate, romantic mirror above the bed really makes this charming room by Cathy Kincaid shine.

Urban Outfitters Floral Wall Mural cost about $499.

  • Create a Trio

The new gallery wall can be seen here. For a cleaner look, arrange your prints on a narrow shelf. However, this white bedroom, designed by Leanne Ford Interiors, uses a lot of earth tones to add warmth to the area. The room is grounded by exposed wood beams, a rustic bed frame, and an industrial lamp.

The Arts Capsule Framed Printed costs about $199.

Hang One Statement Piece

You don’t need a lot of art on your walls—a single, medium-to-large piece above the bed, console, or fireplace, as in this master bedroom designed by Arent & Pyke, can be just as effective.

Alyssa Krause Ghost Bed Painting cost about $475.

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