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Branding Strategies for Your Social Media Profiles on the Web

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Branding Strategies for Your Social Media Profiles on the Web

If your current or future agenda includes implementing an online strategy for your company (or you personally), it is important to think about your(Click here) profiles’ image. The name of your profile and the picture you choose to use as your avatar or icon and the website you link to, and the words you choose to use to describe yourself will significantly influence how people perceive you and how you’re remembered on the web.

Strategies to Choose the Right Name

The name you select should align with the branding aspect, SEO considerations, and the intention of reputation management. Select the name for your profile according to your meticulously planned goals to engage in social media (and if you don’t have one, then get to work! ):

Company Branding

Make sure you use the business’s brand name that is not a variant that is an ode to words or a name you have picked to play with. If you’re planning on representing your brand’s image within these realms, it is essential to create an online profile that does what you want it to do. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make yourself look like a person or have playful with your profile; it’s just that you have to be able to state that this profile is your company’s brand.

You might want to consider adding a geographical (or a specific modifier) only if it is an element of your branding strategy (for instance, Utah SEO PRO). Since anyone can create modifications to your name, you must have an identical brand name to ensure there’s no confusion (and when possible, make sure to mention the profile you’ve used with your exact name).

Personal Branding

Names of the first and last names must be listed. From an experience of my own, if I could go back to the beginning of time, I would change my profile to read “Rand Fishkin” rather than “randfish.” It was fun at the moment (2001), but when I look back, my complete name will provide far more recognition and trustworthiness through these profiles and back to my brand. I’m not able to count the number of people who, offline, suddenly realized the idea that “randfish” or “Rand Fishkin” were the same. It was which is a clear indication of a missed branding opportunity.

If the name you’re using is particularly long or complex to pronounce, think about making it shorter or modifying the name, but ensure you’re comfortable using it in real life too. Keep in mind that this information is intended for professional social media usage; however, if you’re playing around with it for enjoyment, you don’t have to think about it nearly as much.

Boosting Search Rankings

Select relevant, non-cannibalizing terms and phrases to include in the title tag. You don’t want to rival your website with the keywords you’re looking for; You need the pages of your profile to be relevant to keywords (and frequently, your profile name is the only opportunity for a keyword you’ll find in the title tag of social media sites).

It should be clear it sounds reasonable and doesn’t look like spam.

Having multiple profiles may seem sensible however it is possible to gain more link juice and increase your value by contributing more effectively with the smallest number of accounts.

Pro-Active Reputation Management

Utilize the brand’s name and any possible combination of keywords to create phrases that are logical and may fill in crucial or potentially risky search results.

Be attentive and not provoked when you participate in the campaign in a hostile or aggressive manner. Could turn a proactive reputation management strategy into a defensive one quickly.

Re-Active Reputation Management

You might want to consider using names that are similar to but not your exact brand’s name. This is so that you avoid responding to negative comments, using the same keyword as your brand’s name several times in the text, or complaining about your brand’s profile popping up in search results for brands.

If you’re representing yourself, make sure you are clear about it. If web users see an odor, they’ll take action, and you may cause more harm to the reputation management issue.

Tips for Choosing the perfect Profile Image or Avatar

Branding for the Company

Utilize the logo. If the logo isn’t a good fit, use the most prominent part of the logo, which fits square dimensions.

If nothing else works, try one of the initial letters or even an Acronym for the brand name.

Personal Branding

Take a photo of yourself ahead of you, with your face as far and as visible as possible.

You should ensure that the picture you choose to upload matches your style, even if you’re looking for a professional look with a smile and a polo. The more serious look and tie are fine. Like many other items on the web, there’s a certain amount of respect for casual and friendly pages, yet don’t overlook the opportunity to create a visual brand.

Boosting Search Rankings

It’s best to choose cute, funny, or appealing images but not directly connected to the brand you represent or your identity. If you’re tempted to go overboard or start by testing the limits of what you can achieve from a strict rankings standpoint, it’s best not to have that potentially negative image reflecting on you.

As many others on the online web (and in the form of presentations) have mentioned in this regard, posting pictures of attractive young women on social networks could result in greater interactions with users, increased “friending” requests, and an increased level of acceptance. I find it an unfortunate example of sexism and discrimination on the web. However, my role on this blog is to provide useful strategies, and this has the potential to be successful.

Pro-Active Reputation Management

For branding purposes, using the official logo is a common

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