How To Ensure Safety While Biking

Biking is an enjoyable and frequently very practical method of transportation and light-on pockets for riders. Bicycles don’t require gas and the added benefit of being very environmentally friendly. Cycling is also considered a hobby of many people, people like me who love to do cycling in their free time and have a habit to do cycling. But like other recreational activities, comes with the risk of injury, and cycling also has a risk of getting injured. The best thing is that injuries can be prevented, the same thing also happens in cycling. Cycling or biking injuries can be prevented if you follow some safety precautions. 

Safety Precautions To Curb Injuries 

The death rate is increasing in bicycle accidents, according to recent studies. The high rate of death is outpacing all other traffic-related deaths. So that means it’s a dangerous time to ride a bike in the US. But thankfully there are some precautions if we follow those precautions, we can limit the risk of getting injured. Discussing further the precaution, do you want to buy a good quality bicycle then check Arkel and use ARKEL COUPON CODES in your shopping to get mind-blowing discounts. 

Always Wear A Helmet

Riding a cycle or bike, it is very important to wear a helmet for the rider or for the person who is sitting beside the rider. Whether a person is riding a bike or he/she is just sitting beside him, needs to wear a helmet when on a bike. Head injuries become one of the main reasons for fatal bike accidents, so it needs your attention. And do you know? Almost 97% of serious accidents occurred in the last few years because riders were not wearing helmets while riding a bike or bicycle.

Check Your Equipment Before Riding bike

Bike accidents do not always occur because of bumpy roads, sometimes it is because of bike equipment malfunctions. Equipment malfunctions become one of the reasons for a significant number of crashes. But if you check your bike properly before riding it, then you can reduce the risk of accidents. And always check the tire condition and if you have space then take along a spare tire if you are going for a long trip. These simple precautions can minimize the risk of an accident that could change your life. 

Ride With The Traffic

Don’t try to ride a bike against traffic flow, it will risk high accidents. Traveling in the same direction as other vehicles on the road is better to do the opposite. When you go against the grain then accidents happen a lot usually. 

Learn Bike Hand Signal 

According to the survey, accidents usually occur at or near interaction with other vehicles. So, always make sure that you are familiar with these bike signals to avoid or minimize the risk. It is important to tell other drivers because they can’t anticipate what you are going to do unless you provide a fair warning. Your hand signals should be obvious to other drivers, only then accidents are less likely to happen when everyone on the road is on the same page and they all are familiar with such signs too. 

Avoid To Ride Sidewalks

Riding a bike or cycle on sidewalks may seem like a space. But it is dangerous when you are doing it with big or larger vehicles. As we all know sidewalks are for pedestrians. And you are more likely to crash into a pedestrian. Or lose control when the sidewalks are overly crowded. Sidewalks pavement is more likely to be uneven than asphalt on the road. So you know what is a better place to ride. The main reason not to ride a bike sidewalk is that cars don’t expect to see a bicyclist enter the road from a sidewalk.  

Drive At Bike Lanes 

Riding a bike on the bike lanes keeps you safe. If you choose to ride a bike only in those lanes. I think if bike lanes are used then towns are more likely to invest in more dedicated bicycle infrastructure. If you are riding a bike and you see a bike lane on the road. Make sure to ride your bike on those lanes only to avoid and minimize accidents. 

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