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To sell a property in 1990, it had to be advertised in local newspapers, the search engine didn’t exist to facilitate shopping for properties, cell phones weren’t smartphones yet, but were more like calculators, you had to unplug the phone to be able to browse the internet and remember how long it was taking…simply too much! Light years away from electronic signatures, you had to print a document and send it by fax… without forgetting to keep the confirmation of sending.

And for the free visits, apart from putting up a sign and hoping that a few passers-by would see it, you had to be more than creative! What about taking photos of properties for sale, you had to run to have them developed before seeing if they were good or not!

Since then, the technological era has done its work to bring us into a society where everything seems to be accelerating. Too busy days, endless lists, always having to hurry to put off until tomorrow what we didn’t have time to do today.

Time has become an essential factor in our lives. Time can’t be bought! Although it only takes a simple Google search to be on the lookout for the latest properties on the market, shop for the latest mortgage rates or receive purchase offers by email from potential buyers, the work of a commercial real estate appraiser near me is much more complex than you think.

Why use the help of a real estate broker?

Your real estate broker has plenty of time to devote to your real estate transaction since it’s his full-time job! And you, between work, the gym, the children, the evenings at the restaurant with friends, household chores, and all the rest… do you really have time to be on the lookout for the real estate market and to “invent yourself » as a real estate broker during a transaction? How much is your time worth?

Who will do the market research of your property, coordinate the photographer for taking pictures, analyze the comparable of neighboring properties, prepare offers to purchase, showcase your property, coordinate visits, organize open houses, consult new listings, make counters with potential buyers, plan to visit hours and negotiate like a pro according to your requirements?

Dealing with a real estate broker means having an ally on your side who is always ready to react quickly. Reaction time is an essential element in a real estate transaction. You have to know how to act in time when the market is hot, at the risk of losing the right buyer for your property. Managing buyer expectations is also an expertise that your real estate broker masters in all its complexity.

Indeed, sellers nowadays have several tools to sell their property on their own, but do you have the experience of a real estate broker? Do you have the knowledge that they have acquired over the transactions that make them references in the field? Do you have negotiating skills? Your broker: YES!

Here are other reasons to do business with a real estate broker having nationwide property and appraisal services:

  • To sell or buy at the RIGHT price.
  • To be well advised.
  • To take advantage of their network and resources.
  • To benefit from a professional and personalized service according to your needs.
  • To be better protected since they are governed by the Real Estate Brokerage Act.
  • To have a neutral and objective opinion.
  • To maximize the visibility and traffic of your property.
  • For peace of mind.
  • To do business only with serious and prequalified buyers.
  • To save time and have more time to do what you love in life.

Now that you believe that you must work with a real estate broker to maximize your real estate transaction, all that remains is to choose which one…! Whether you are a seller or a buyer, the Aipraiser Team understands that “time is the most precious commodity because it is the only one that cannot be produced, given, exchanged or sell”, then entrust us with your transactions and devote YOUR time to the most important things in

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