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For BPO and ITES Companies – LCD Screens Buying LCD Screens: What to Consider?

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LCD panels are being used by BPO and ITES organizations to increase efficiency, quality of service, and the overall “look and feel” of their operations.

BPO firms including ICICI Bank’s Hyderabad contact center, EXL Service, and WNS India have purchased several LCDs. Contact center performance as a feedback loop for individual call center executives, training information, and the local client market are just a few of the uses for these LCD panels. BPO and ITES businesses are perfect candidates for LCD monitors because of their slim design. Real estate in contact centers and network operations centers is at a premium, so LCD monitors are a great match. ‘LCD Information Displays,’ as they are known. LCDs, on the other hand, use about half as much electricity and generate much less heat or radiation than PDPs. LCD screens provide a superior picture and sound quality when compared to all other display technologies for big screen sizes.

Considerations for LCD panel purchases for BPO and ITES companies are outlined in the next section.

When purchasing these LCD screens for BPO and ITES companies, what are some things to keep in mind?

However, BPO and ITES organizations are increasingly choosing high-quality 85 inch LCD televisions because of the Total Cost of Ownership. Even though LCD TVs are less expensive, their lifespan may be shortened, particularly if they are used for a long period each day. For 24×7 operations, LCDs are built to withstand the elements and have a longer life expectancy and lower total cost of ownership.

LCD Information Displays are designed for 24-hour operation, while LCD TVs are designed for restricted viewing. Because LCD Information Displays do not have fans, dust and other pollutants are less likely to enter the device. LCD TVs are open devices with fans. LCD TVs are not recommended for BPO and ITES companies, because the breakdown of a screen might result in a serious issue or loss of the company.

To monitor the LCDs remotely, make sure the screen supports RS-232 and LAN network access. Alarms may be set in the event of a malfunctioning LCD screen or an impending LCD unit breakdown (eg. the unit is overheating). Electricity consumption and expenses may be reduced by remotely monitoring and controlling power and other controls.

LCDs use less electricity than any other kind of display, making them ideal for power-conscious consumers. Every year, a major BPO’s power expenditure might top a million dollars. A NOC Room’s overall power cost may be reduced by 20% or more by switching from less efficient monitors to LCDs. As a result, BPOs prefer LCDs over PDPs to safeguard the health of their workers who are required to sit in front of monitors for lengthy periods.

High Definition: Most big LCD screens are HD. High-definition LCDs provide greater image quality due to their increased pixel density, higher contrast ratio, higher brightness, more accurate color reproduction, and quicker reaction time. It’s easier to work for lengthy periods on LCD panels since they don’t produce as much eye strain. The fact that they release no radiation means that even when used continuously, your eyes will experience minimal or no strain, and they are also immune to magnetic interference. To further aid in seeing in low light or when the backdrop is reflecting on the screen is the nonglare feature of LCDs.

You may learn about new features by visiting the websites of most LCD screen manufacturers and reading about them. The LCD market leader, Sharp, may be accessed on their website for further information. NEC and Sony have information as well. To make an informed LCD purchase, it’s a good idea to check out some connected articles.

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