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What Are the 5 Career Paths in the Hospitality Industry for Students?

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Hospitality jobs have room for growth and advancement, from front desk to concierge. Many students are keen to know how to climb the corporate ladder. Getting a career in hotel management and being a leader here is no longer a tough job.

Students are asked to complete the bsb40515 Assessment Answers during the education span to enhance their knowledge base.

Hotel management is a broad field and comes with a lot of opportunities. It further diversifies into tourism, guest relations, event planning, entertainment and leisure, and food and beverage.

There is an immense potential for earning a good salary, and there are many hotel management roles that everyone looks up to.

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 To name an executive chef, conference organiser, sommelier, and spa director are some of the rewarding roles. There are several positions which must be considered before opting for the right one

We list below some of the best career options in the hotel management positions that must be considered-

1. Hotel General Manager

A successful hotel general manager must excel in people management skills. They must be calm by nature. A professional is expected to have an approachable demeanour as the hotel management requires a high level of commitment. The work in this sphere is very demanding, and there is constant pressure from different sides. Working as a GM comes with a lot of responsibility. The role might entail budgeting and financial management and planning, organising, and directing all hotel services.

A professional might have to wear many hats for different departments. The job can also involve looking after the front-of-house (reception, concierge, and reservations), food and beverage operations, and housekeeping.

As a hotel GM, a professional will have to spend time with guests and staff. They also handle the hotel’s promotion and marketing. The general manager also manages the planning and organising of accommodation, food service, and other hotel services. The salary is also good.

2. Hotel IT Manager

This specialised position offers technical support and oversight across hotel computers, software systems, and networks. The system administration and maintenance, vulnerability management, data protection/backup, and disaster recovery duties are looked after by the Hotel IT manager.

The role can be vast as a hotel IT director, analyst, or operations manager.

 Many technology vendors work with the IT manager to level up the services. It is noted that the hotel WiFi providers and other technology vendors keep networks and communication systems operating in the best possible way. The hotel IT manager handles the financial aspects of the hotel IT department, along with expense management and new technology investments.

3. Tour Manager

Tour managers or tour directors provide the holidaymakers with practical support throughout the trip. The tour manager’s job is to ensure the travel arrangements run as smoothly as possible. They must have local knowledge of a particular area or region.

Being a tour manager is a crucial job as they are expected to serve others as guides for tours and maintain relationships. A tour manager must have a clear understanding of the destination and attractions.

A tour manager can easily brand out into other areas of tourism. The role is flexible, and the tour managers must be prompt and updated with the latest happenings. They must have the best

interpersonal skills, appearance, and attitude. They must also have exemplary skills as a tour manager. The roles can further have as many flexible opportunities.

This could include international positions, and the candidates must have good multilingual skills. The pay package offered to the tour manager can be lucrative depending on the situation.

4. Accommodation Manager

Accommodation managers are responsible for the efficient operations of a hotel. The role of an accommodation manager is similar to those of the general manager. They must be able to cater to the guest’s needs regularly. They ensure that the standards of cleanliness and maintenance while staying within a budget are always maintained.

They also rectify any problems that arise in the hotel. The accommodation managers are also known as housekeeping managers. The job titles may include facilities manager or director of accommodations in the senior position. The salary is also good and worth giving a try.

5. Event Manager

Event managers are people-driven professionals responsible for planning and organising promotional, industry, and social events. Their job is fast-paced, and they are known to have a dynamic position.

They initiate a wide range of events and ensure the audiences are engaged, and the message is well communicated. The job involved planning and organising events, conferences, seminars, trade shows, and exhibitions. They can also handle parties, retreats, and corporate incentive trips. As an event manager, the entire process must be overseen right from the planning stage to running the event and reviewing the post-event evaluation.

In hospitality, the hotels and accommodation sector is growing more diverse, with new concepts and properties coming to the industry. More and more management and leadership jobs are made available, including particular roles that require specialised skills and focus.

Digitalisation has brought about many changes in the field, and the sector is under constant innovation. Therefore, the managers must have good personal and interpersonal skills to run a business well with success.

In the

The main focus is on hotels and resorts in a traditional hospitality setup. A new trend is constant growth in the accommodation sector. It brings a lot of new concepts and diversity. Students can quickly start from reception, then switch to Guest Relations or Rooms Division and gradually climb up to the position of the director or GM position. Students are suggested to choose a company they will be able to identify with.

There is immense career growth in the sector if one plans to take up the career. There are plenty of new openings in new locations these days. Students can also diversify and develop a career in marketing or finance. They will get plenty of work opportunities to grow in the hospitality companies.

There are some key strategies that every leader or manager must follow to get the best results. Hospitality Is a diverse industry, and a professional mindset can take any aspirant to places. The management role has a distinct allure. The leaders have a lot of responsibility, and students must keep this in mind.

Author Bio: Brian Hardy is a professor at the University of California and a part of . Brian is a sports enthusiast and actively plays badminton apart from supporting students’ educational needs.

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