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Gemstone Buying Guide: The Best Way To Choose Gemstone Jewellery!

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Gemstone jewelry has always remained in fashion or trend because of its horoscope benefits and vibrant colors. The jewelry made from gemstones gives you an ultimate and gorgeous look. Hence, you can grab the attention of others while wearing gemstone jewelry. But, you can have the best quality gemstone jewelry only when you have the quality gemstone. A gemstone is a mineral, It is used in making jewelry after cutting and polishing. Many gems come with numerous characteristics.

Therefore, choosing a stone for your jewelry is not too easy. So, here is a gemstone buying guide. This guide has all the tips required to buy a fine-quality gemstone that is perfect according to your Janam Kundli analysis.  

Gemstone Buying Guide

Buying the best gemstone jewelry requires finding the best quality gemstone. Therefore, here are a few gemstone buying tips. So, go through the blog to choose the best Gemstone for your gemstone jewelry. 

Gemstone Color

  • Color is the most concerning factor when selecting the stone for your jewelry. 
  • The gemstones come in almost all the colors that one can imagine. The gemstone color depends on three characteristics which are-
  • Hue – Hue is a gemstone color. It is described as a color shade. However, most gemstones have some shades of other colors. The fine-quality stone has a pure color. 
  • Saturation – Saturation defines the purity of stone color. A gemstone without grey or brown hues is strongly saturated. Strongly saturated Gemstones are valuable.  
  • Tone – Tone defines the depth of the gemstone’s color. Gemstones have a light, medium, medium-light, medium-dark, and dark tone. The medium-light to medium-dark tone gemstones are of good quality. 
  • These characteristics play a vital role in determining the color of the stone. Gemstone color with more intensity is more valuable. 

Buying Tips for Gemstone Color

  • Do not buy too dark or too light stone for your jewelry. A stone rich, bright, pure, intense, and vivid will be best for your jewelry. 
  • To see the pure color of the stone, look at it against a white surface.
  • Always check the gemstone color under different light conditions while buying. 

Gemstone Clarity

  • Clarity describes the absence or presence of flaws inside or on the gemstone surface. It also helps in determining the quality and value of a gemstone. 
  • A flawless gemstone is rare and expensive. According to the gemstone buying guide, Gemstones have inclusions that you can see with a magnifying glass. 
  • Colored gemstones have different color habits. Hence, they classify into numerous types. 
  • Type I – Type I colored stones have no inclusions. Type I category includes Blue Topaz, Aquamarine, Zircon, Tanzanite, etc.
  • Type II – Type II colored stones have a few inclusions. This category has Quartz, Corundum, Lolite, Garnets, Ruby, Sapphire, Spinel, etc.
  • Type III – Type III colored stones always have inclusions. This category includes Emeralds, Tourmaline, etc.

Buying Tips for Gemstone Clarity

  • Gemstones examine from the top position. While buying a Gemstone, always check it from the top. If inclusion is unable to see from the top position, the stone will not affect its value and beauty. 
  • Use the magnifying glass to examine the stone imperfections. 
  • While buying a gemstone, always give more importance to its color than its clarity. 

Gemstone Cut

  • The cut of gemstone defines the proportions and symmetry. The cutting quality influences the overall gemstone’s beauty. 
  • A gemstone has a well-cut faceted throwback a light across its surface area when held face up. In the case of deep and narrow stone, the surface area will be dark. On the other hand, if the stone is too shallow, the stone parts will be lifeless soon. 
  • The gemstone color is taken into account for optical efficiency while cutting it. If your gemstone color is highly saturated, more light will pass through the shallow cut of the gemstone. 
  • Gemstones have many cuts like Rose, Triangular, Table, Cabochon, Step, Square, and Emerald. 

Buying Tips for Gemstone Cut

  • Always buy a gemstone with the desired shape. A good cut not only increases the costs of stone. Besides, it also adds or subtracts its beauty. 
  • Always buy a properly polished gemstone with perfect symmetry. Always buy the symmetrical stone. 
  • Always choose the gemstone cut and shape according to the personal choice of the wearer. 

Gemstone Carat Weight

  • The weight of a gemstone is determined by carats. A 1 carat equals 0.2 grams.
  • A carat is displayed in points. One carat makes 100 points. Hence, ¼ carat gemstone equals 25 points. You can buy the stone by its weight and not by size. Two stones may have the same carat weight but of different sizes. 
  • The price of the stone increases with its size. However, before buying, you need to talk to an online astrologer to know the best suitable gemstones that are compatible with your horoscope.

Buying Tips for Gemstone Carat Weight

  • The carat weight of a gemstone proportionally depends on the budget. 
  • Always buy a gemstone of average size having good color, cut, and clarity. Do not buy a larger stone with having not-so-good color and cut.  

Gemstone Enhancement / Treatment

  • Gemstone enhancement is a process of improving its appearance and durability. 
  • Numerous methods are available for gemstone enhancement like heating, irradiation, dyeing, waxing, bleaching, and oiling. Some of these enhancements are permanent. However, few are temporary. 

Buying Tips for Enhanced / Treated Gemstone

  • You should always check if the stone is naturally treated or not while buying. 
  • Treated gemstones are cheap as compared to natural or non-treated gemstones. 
  • Always ask if the treatment of your chosen stone is permanent or temporary to your jeweler. Do not forget to ask whether the chosen stone requires any special care or not. 

Gemstone Certificate

  • A gemstone certificate is a gemological lab report that has the evaluation time, scrutinized by experienced stone graders, and defines the stone characteristics.

Buying Tips for Gemstone Certificate

  • Do not forget to ask for the gemstone certificate while buying a costly gemstone. 
  • A gemstone certificate has all the details about it. It helps you in comparing shopping before making the actual purchase. 
  • A gemstone certificate helps you to get the insurance of your purchased stone. 

These are a few tips to choose gemstone jewelry. If you follow these steps, you will have the best gemstone jewelry.

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