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Part A of this methodology will cover many variables that will provide us with very valuable information about the people who come to our tournaments. Thanks to a very extensive and complex fieldwork, we will receive quantitative and qualitative information from the spectators of our tournaments, the preferred times of matches, the increased presence of spectators at certain times, job profile, age, studies, relationship with others. sports … In short, it provides a purpose for our events, which allows us to adapt much better to our client when we prepare the marketing plan that relates to the audience (not the sponsor in this case). But for the spectator) depending on their needs and the location of the Tournament.

Part B of the methodology deals with economic quantification

of the media presence of the brand image of our sponsors. Again, using different variables and indicators we can get an objective value, economically translated, from the return it has in the different media. To do this, we rely on all types of media (online, television, radio, direct marketing, etc.) and use the most prestigious and reliable statistics in the media, such as the audience of TNS Sofres Media (in the case of television ). ), EGM (in the case of the written press audience) or OJD (in the case of broadcast copies of the written press).

This study allows us to have a great tool, not only to quantify our customers, but also to know better, to get better arguments to attract sponsors, but also to be more rigorous in the development from a professional. sports event.

The source from which this information can be obtained is:

Assessment of the economic impact of the telecyl padel pro tour circuit. Telecyl Studies, 2007.

As I wanted to convey through this part of my experience, marketing plan planning is the foundation stone we have to lay for the development of a professional 스포츠중계 event, and why not, any type of sporting event, even on a smaller scale. and with fewer resources. Without this “base” it will be difficult for us to organize a professional event with minimum quality standards.

So much so that the entire strategic marketing plan discussed above is meaningless if it is not approached considering the communication and the plan it develops. Communication is present in all plans, we have to take into account external and internal communication, which translates into coordinating the work between the different members of the work team.

But focusing on the external communication of the event,

There are several elements of great weight and importance. The first of these, and the most obvious, is that today, as many experts argue, we live in the information society, and that translates into two fundamental aspects: the first is great easy access to information. information in a very short time, and the second is that there is a wide range of information, so choosing a good communication plan is becoming an increasingly important task so that it does not “get lost” between this whole range. And we can achieve the goals we set ourselves.

To do this, in our Tournaments we use every means of communication, although we choose the most effective ones and plan accordingly. In this way, and in line with our intention to innovate, we combine traditional media, such as television, with more current media.

An example of this is volleyball in a tennis match.

The analyst could see how long the shots lasted and compile reports on which player won the most shots. This information can be used to determine the strength or weakness of each player’s volleyball skills and to improve the map over time as a result of training, and so on.

Events are marked with a code window. When an event occurs in a match, the analyst clicks the button in the code window that indicates the event. When a “home break” occurs in a rugby match, the analyst clicks on the “Exit Home Line” button in the code window.

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