How to Install Kodi on Roku (Step by Step Guide )

Kodi On Roku : let me explain in simplest language is that roku is nothing it is just set-top box which helps in  watching digital media content and streaming videos from the internet on your TV. so now question is that what is Kodi ? Kodi is the open source free media player which is available on android, windows and jail break ios devices. so it is available on number of platforms. but the problem is that Kodi is not compatible with Roku streaming devices. so today in this post we are going to share How To Install Kodi On Roku?

Good thing is that roku have access to more than 3000 channels so if you are able to put kodi on roku then you are able to stream more than 3000 channels for free. And believe me this is the best entertainment combination ever. But lots of people can’t do that because there is no official way to install kodi on roku.  So follow this post till the end to set up kodi on roku.You can also checkout:- – Admin Login IP Address [Authorized]

Kodi on Roku

Guide to Install Kodi On Roku

now all of you aware what is kodi and roku and as you know there is no official way to install kodi on roku. But its not a big deal because there are some different ways with which you can do it. you can also use some movie apps on roku to watch your favorite hollywood movies in hd quality.

now if you want install kodi on roku then there is a need that you get the mirror feature.For that, you must also have an Android phone or a Windows PC. . let me tell you taht roku tv supports uktvnow which allows you to stream your favorite tv channels of different countries. Now follow this post to install kodi on roku.

  • firstly turn on your roku device.
  • Tap the home button of your device.
  • Go to the system update  where you can found in the settings menu now check that you have latest version 5.2 software because it is necessary.
  • if you have latest version of software then skip the above step and if you don’t have then update it.
  • Back to the home screen again and go to Settings again and From there, select Screen Mirroring.
  • Now click on Ok button and enable screen monitoring

It seems easy right ? yes it is very easy if you follow this steps carefully.

Get Mirroring Windows PC to Roku

For mirroring windows pc to roku you have to make sure that the windows that you have must be 8.1 or higher. Now follow this steps.

  • Tap the windows button and open start menu.
  • Go to device settings or you can find with search box.
  • After that the screen will appear choose the add device.
  • Now you can see the all roku device list. choose it.
  • look at your roku device screen it will look like purple.

so here you done for mirroring windows pc to roku.Your Windows PC is now getting mirrored to the Roku. Since Kodi is compatible with the Windows OS, you can run Kodi on your computer and it will be displayed on your Roku device as well.

so in this section you are able to mirror kodi roku on your android device but before you started make sure that your android of the device must be at least 4.4.2 or higher. and if you don’t know then don’t worry go to settings > about phone, here you will find version of your device. to install kodi on roku make sure that your android device connected with roku. You can easily check which network the Roku device is connected to:

  • firstly Open the Setting menu of your roku device.
  • Now Go to the Networks section to view the network details

 follow this step for the mirroring process.

  • Open the Settings menu on your android devices.
  • click on Display option from Settings.
  • Press the Cast Screen/mirroring option.
  • Now search for the more options on the Cast Screen of your android device. after that find the checkbox that has been as “Enable Wireless Display”. Finally and last , check it.
  • okk thats it done. Now you can see your Roku device in the Cast Screen.

so this is the process to mirroring the kodi roku on your android is not very hard if you follow the step carefully. now you can enjoy it on your android device it is all because of Kodi can be played on Android device. so this is the full guide to install Kodi On Roku.We hope that we have reached the point where you find the information shared in this article quite useful

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