In vain (without rubbing) we can order drinks, reserve a place, table or dinner, pay and collect loyalty points with clubs that can be exchanged for business. We may bet on stadiums with other spectators, conduct online surveys, suppress stadium opinion, digitally reward or penalize players, umpires or clubs. Get personalized photo details; know club history and details, make a list, watch videos with live or recorded comments from players, dressing rooms, umpires or club leaders.

A 360-degree immersive experience that will make us players,

 The club manager, the referee, who knows whether to compete with our own team for a few minutes. In a show we can access the lyrics of the song being sung and we can join our favorite singer, we can open and buy his album, watch his most interesting videos or go live to the dressing room and prepare his performance with him.

In 360º we are no longer just spectators; we are part of the show. At the end of the event or match, none of this will end as we will continue to be able to access every photo, detail, interviews and comments from players and fans, debate and discuss on social media in the room (room) about what has happened and immediately start preparing for the next event in a series that forms a personalized, on-demand and unique experience.

Digital Immersion

Nowadays, sport has also penetrated from the real world to the virtual/digital world. We are witnessing the rise of e-SPORT, where a new generation of young people has become avatars of players, soldiers or mercenaries fighting in cyberspace as if it were real.

In this virtual world, there are competitions around major digital games such as Call of Duty, Fortnight or FIFA, where clubs, 스포츠중계 records, matches and leagues are mimetically reproduced with the real world and where numbers are moved. An incredible amount of money, millions of viewers and fans.

Only in Spain can clubs like Team Heretics,

 the most important in our country, which is already worth more than twenty million euros and has more than four and a half million followers and seventy million gathered spectators, the fifth most followed team in Spain. After the first four in Lira. Sports are also the future and the present of NBA football is no stranger to them. Football clubs will soon expand their presence and reach e-sports, using their brand to attract millions of followers to cyberspace, where they will once again offer their audience a full catalog of new products and services, from betting to HELS. Company (or virtual personality/avatar to compete with professional players).

This is how e-sport becomes a digital extension of football clubs

 Bringing their passion and competition to the digital world, but now with hundreds of new business opportunities and opportunities. The integration of the real and virtual world in today’s football clubs and sports leagues is certainly an opportunity for diversification and rapprochement with a new generation. It’s not about attracting new consumers (fans), it’s about going where they are. E-sports is and remains a great vehicle for loyalty, for positioning brands, products and trends. Competing with or allying with them is owned by the club.

No industry or sector is immune to the disruption caused by the digital revolution, as we often see in our economy. Major disruptors such as television platforms, mobile platforms, digital retail and many others are disrupting the competitive landscape, exploited by consumers’ shift to the experience economy, promoting and destroying age-old businesses and creating new products and services. Where digital technology opens new doors.

Sports and football in particular will not be immune

 On this wave of disruption and despite their deep roots in our culture, they will experience a wave of disruption where they can become accomplices and leaders, develop new business models as quickly as possible and use technology to design unique and unforgettable experiences. Consumers, co-create new products and services with them by capturing new sources of revenue and loyalty, diversify and become entertainment platforms, service conglomerates, brand prescribers and experiences that exploit their most valuable asset: relationships are their followers, trust and loyalty. However, these values, as they are necessary, are not sufficient for success and leadership in the experience economy, but are just a starting point, a unique assessment opportunity that should not be.


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