Instagram Marketing Guide: 2022 Strategy

What is Instagram Marketing?

It’s pretty straightforward There are many different aspects that go into Instagram marketing. Did you consider that 95% of the platform’s billion users are business-related? With such numbers, it is only natural for your business to be on the Instagram platform. However, there are many ways that you can utilize Instagram to promote and market your company’s image.

It’s the first thing to develop an overall Instagram marketing plan so that you know how you can utilize Instagram to benefit your business. Once you’ve got a strategy that is in place, you’ll be able to determine whether your strategy and content have been profitable for your business.

How to Create A Instagram Marketing Strategy for 2022

There’s a lot to think about when deciding on your Instagram marketing strategy for 2022. In the end, Instagram has just launched Reels and already has Stories, IGTV, Instagram Live feed posts, and advertising. At the present, Instagram is introducing guides that are increasingly well-known on Instagram.

Promoting on Instagram

There’s constantly something to discover and experience on Instagram. Even if that’s the case, you’ll need to develop your Instagram marketing strategy to ensure that you don’t waste your time trying out new techniques that don’t produce positive results. Therefore, here are the 6 steps to develop your Instagram plan of marketing.

Set your objectives. Do you wish to make revenue from Instagram? Get more email subscribers? Create connections? Note down the steps to success that appear on your personal profile on this platform. You should think about how you can increase your number of followers and increase your engagement. That’s after all, the reason you’re on the app.

If one of these steps seemed daunting, don’t fret. There are 28 options on Instagram marketing tricks that you can apply to help support your strategy and design an actionable plan to make 2022 the best year ever on Instagram.

Instagram Marketing Hacks

For simplicity to make it easier, we’ll break down these hacks into seven sections to help you find the most effective hacks that will help you achieve your objectives.

Content Calendar

Let’s begin with the simplest simple method: creating an agenda for your content. Once you’ve determined how often you’d like to release material, it’s easy to arrange and plan ahead to know the content you’ll be publishing at what time. It’s also beneficial to create a schedule for your content.

For instance, @socialcurators employs patterns to assist them produce content. You’ll see a lot of posts about their team, clients they’ve assisted as well as the co-founder Jasmine Star, quotes, sneak peeks at their Social Curator service, and more. With these categories, they’ll be able to quickly create content of high-quality for their fans to view.

User-Generated Content

For help with the creation of content, consider making a campaign that generates UGC, or user generated content (UGC) similar to what GoPro does. It not only takes some of the content creation burden off your hands and help you build the trust of your audience in your brand. The public expects brands to share nice words about themselves. This is especially true than what you get from your customers. You can look up whether anyone is posting on your brandor company, or you can create a hashtag to allow your users can make content for you. Make sure you ask for permission prior to re-posting!

Repurposing Content

As we mentioned previously, there is a variety of content available on Instagram. We’ll go into the specific types in the future however, it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t necessarily be required to create original content to each platform.

Instead, make your own IGTV video, upload it on your feed, and share it in your Stories. It is also possible to share similar content on other platforms on social media and in your emails, or on your site to make it more effective for your content. For example, @stacytuschl makes use of the Instagram feed of @stacytuschl to promote her podcast. Instagram account to advertise her show and she adds videos on her Stories.

Don’t get caught out of line. If you’re planning your content calendar ahead be sure to have your images or photos prepared to use. Utilize outings and occasions when you can carry cameras available to take batch pictures. They could be photos of your product, your employees of your team, or any other thing that is compatible in conjunction with the brand you represent.

5. Consistent branding

The next phase of your marketing on Instagram to be focused on is increasing your followers. One method to achieve this is to make it simple for followers to click “follow.” One of the most effective method to achieve this is to use consistent branding for your posts. When potential followers come to your website, they’ll need to know what they can expect from your page.

When you create content that is well-branded, you’re proving your commitment to your followersthat they’ll be assured of what they’ll be seeing. In this instance, @turtlecreeklane demonstrates that she posts mostly decor and home ideas for different occasions, which means that people can quickly decide if they’d like to be a follower of her.

Instagram account with consistent branding

6. Cross-Promotion

In the past, we discussed the possibility of repurposing your content for various platforms. But you could also advertise your Instagram account across other platforms, too. Your loyal followers on other websites are likely to want view the content you post on your Instagram content, therefore, you should make sure to share your Instagram content, and include links to your account in other social media platforms, like in your email signature, and other.

Internet stars Rhett Link and Rhett Link have their own social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. They are also which is linked to their Facebook page.

The example of rhett and link’s of their various social profiles

7. Hashtags

The truth is that hashtags are an excellent resource to increase the number of followers you have. The trick is to identify and use the appropriate hashtags. You shouldn’t utilize hashtags that have millions of posts, or else your post could be lost. If you are more precise, are the more effective, and the better specific audience you’ll reach. You can make use of up to 30 hashtags and include a mix of sizes and kinds of hashtags as @jacquelineplans did.

Examples for using multiple hashtags for an Instagram post

woman holding a cellphone, gazing at her the latest Instagram followers

8. Consistent Content

It’s true one of the best methods to get (and keep) followers via Instagram marketing is to create regular content. This will give your followers an incentive to keep following you and when they consider following you, they’ll be able to find an assortment of content to determine if they’re suitable match.

You don’t have to post every single day, but stick to a schedule that works for you, like @scoutcreativeagency.

Scoutcreativeagency Instagram profile

Engagement Hacks

9. Giveaways

When it pertains to Instagram marketing engagement is the most important factor. If your users are actively engaging with your posts this shows Instagram that they see your content as worth their time. If you’re trying to increase your engagement one of the easiest methods is to host giveaways.

We have mentioned giveaways to increase your following However, you can utilize them to boost your engagement too. Ashley Lemieux gives her audience the chance to win different items, including items from her store, by engaging through her posts during the week.

Example of a giveaway on Instagram

10. Engage the audience

The most effective way to gain participation on Instagram is to provide an opportunity for engagement. Find your ideal followers and customers on Instagram and then leave comments or likes for their content. You’ll have a better chance of getting them return and interact with you. Also, be sure to respond to any comments that users leave on your blog posts, just like @bewellbykelly did. This can encourage people to return to leave more feedback later.

bewellbykelly is engaged with her followers via Instagram

11. Write Strong Captions

Another excellent way to boost the amount of engagement you get on Instagram is to write better, more appealing captions. A lot of people do what they’re asked to do to do, so ensure that you’re inviting your followers to be engaged with your content. Even if you just add an easy call-to-action such as “double tap if you’re in agreement” as well as “comment to the left,” there’s a way to get people to share your content, such as @thestarttodaybrand.

A caption example that includes an CTA

12. Optimize Your Stories

Instagram Stories is among the most effective ways to increase the engagement of your followers and boost the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing. You can use stickers to encourage engagement, such as @livingwithlandyn. You can also solicit DMs in response to a query or simply create quality videos that your followers will want to see.

Question sticker on Instagram

Employing Instagram to promote business

13. Improve Your Profile

If you’re using Instagram to promote your business, ensure you have a profile for your business. You’ll have access to many more details this way. You’ll also need to enhance your profile to be capable of turning potential followers to followers. With a clear explanation of your identity and the things you do, a great image of your profile, highlights when appropriate and a hyperlink to let followers know where they can take them, your profile is ready, just as

Optimized Instagram profile

14. Reels on Instagram Reels

The latest Instagram features, Reels, is growing in popularity and now is the perfect time to take advantage of it to promote your business. You can try out some dance moves, or just make a clap to the beat , and then overlay text with tips for business There’s a good chance you’ll discover an Reels style that suits your brand and personal. Reels are an excellent opportunity to get your company noticed by new customers and get the exposure that comes with @rebellenutrition.

Instagram reels

15. IGTV

Another excellent Instagram marketing tactic is to get really into IGTV. This is the place to upload long-form video content that teaches your followers something new, such as @staysnatched’s work, or invite them along for a lengthy behind-the-scenes experience. It’s also possible to repurpose YouTube videos to IGTV (or reverse the process) It’s a good idea to modify them to be vertical to be suitable for IGTV.

IGTV videos on Instagram

16. Instagram Shopping

This is among the most recent Instagram marketing techniques, however If you’re not using Instagram shopping in the past and offer physical items It’s time to incorporate it to your strategy similar to what Urban Outfitters does. You can offer your followers the option to buy through you via Instagram the app, which cut down the chance that they’ll be hesitant to buy something while they’re scrolling through Instagram in order to visit your store.

Instagram shopping tags

Influencer Marketing

17. Strategy

Influencer marketing is among the most effective strategies of Instagram marketing So let’s get right into it. The most effective way to collaborate with influencers is to develop an approach. Start by creating an outline of the influencers that you believe could be a good fit for your brand. You’ll need to choose those whose followers are comprised of your ideal customers. Once you’ve got your list prepared you’re ready to implement it.

18. Takeovers

Contact one of the influencers listed on your list, and start building a relationship with them. Once they are aware of who you are and the things your company’s mission is, you can think of proposing a takeover. In this instance they’d assume control of your brand’s Instagram Stories for a day. They’d invite their followers to join your account to follow their experiences, and they’ll likely discuss their brand all day long as well. You can also request someone be the person who takes over your feed’s posts or at the very least, announce the takeover on your feed. For instance, you could use the hashtag @theChristhospital.

Takeover feed post

19. Sponsored Posts

It’s more frequent than takeovers. Have you come across an Instagram post Instagram with a caption of hashtags like #sponsored or #ad? You’ve probably seen an advertisement by an influencer. Think about talking to the influencers you’ve identified to determine if they’d be interested in a collaboration such as this. Keep in mind that influencers, like @laurenlane, are affluent about their followers. They’ll be willing to sign up when they believe your brand is an ideal match.

sponsored post on Instagram

20. Instagram Live

Did you know that you could invite other people to join the Instagram Lives with you? You can schedule an Instagram Live in conjunction with one influencer you have on your list, and ask them to share it with their followers. You could interview them, do a Q&A, have a celebration like @cultivatewhatmatters or just have a conversation about things related to your brand or industry.

Live on Instagram

Instagram Tools & Services

21. Kicksta

There is no need to tackle all your marketing on Instagram by yourself You already know. There are a variety of tools and services available that can aid you in the process. Let’s first discuss engaging marketing as well as Kicksta. In the past, we’ve mentioned how one of the most effective ways to create engagement was to offer the opportunity for engagement, however this can be a long process. Let Kicksta remove the burden from your shoulders so that you can benefit from the advantages of attracting genuine, organic Instagram users who are eager to read your posts.

kicksta dashboard

woman with a phone gazing at her the latest Instagram followers


Another tool that could be useful to use for Instagram advertising is the bio link tool. If you make use of the one-click link, you are able to send your followers to several pages rather than only one. It is the best and most effective usage of your link and also reduces stress for your shoulders when it comes to keeping track of changing your links. We suggest for its neat design and the ability to modify your link. homepage

23. Canva

Instagram is a visual-based application which means that your graphics and photos need to be of top quality. It’s not a problem if you require an art degree to make high-quality content, however, you must use the right tools. Canva is among the most simple, intuitive tools for designing graphics. Software such as Canva can help you make a difference in marketing on Instagram. Instagram marketing.

canva homepage

24. Buffer

When you’re trying to implement the various social media marketing techniques, it’s an excellent option to purchase an application that can assist you in implementing them quickly. With Buffer you can plan your posts ahead of time so you don’t have to stress your self with keeping them in mind each day. Buffer also provides analytics , so you can gain the results of your posts and determine which ones resonate with your readers.

Buffer homepage

Instagram Ads

25. Ad Strategy

Instagram ads are a fantastic option to use for Instagram marketing when you’re willing to put some cash behind your content. Instagram has a variety of forms advertisements, so it’s possible to limit your audience’s reach in the way you’d like. You can select from the basic demographic data however, you can also focus your ads on users based on their interests or behaviours. Keep in mind that ads will allow you to have an active link, regardless of regardless of where they’re displayed so be sure to have a suitable link ready to go.

26. Story Adverts

One type in Instagram advertisements is the Story advertisement. Instagram Stories are extremely popular, and many people visit the app looking through the stories, and scrolling through the latest updates. If you are able to create an ad that is native that is appealing to users, you can easily connect with your ideal audience through Story advertisements.

Instagram story ad

27. Carousel Ads

Carousel advertisements can display multiple images to showcase various features or advantages to the people you want to reach. Customers can swipe easily to view all of your photos. You can use these to display various angles, items, even testimonials or reviews written by your delighted customers and fans.

28. Video Ads

In the end, video remains the king of Instagram marketing in addition to other platforms. People enjoy watching video which is why turning your ads into videos could help grab more attention of people and convey your content in a more engaging way. Whatever method you decide to use to market your advertisements are bound to reach the right audience.

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