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Various Ways to Increase Penis Length | Do They Really Work?

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Compelled by items claiming to increase penis length? With male enlargement pills, pumps, workouts, and surgical procedures learn what to anticipate.

It is usual to worry that your penis is hard enough to please your companion during sexual activity. According to research, most men who believe their penises seem small possess penises.

Studies indicate that several men have an overblown perception of what characterizes “normal” penis size. So the penis length that is not erect does not reliably predict its size once erect. Further, it is a typical size is if your penises are at least 13 centimeters (5 inches) long while erect. A penis is classified as unusually tiny, or micropenis, if it lengths below 3 inches (approximately 7.5 cm) while erect.

There are many advertisements for penis-enlargement medications and surgeries. Further, there are several ways to increase penis length, and some of these include pumps, penis enlargement medicine, weights, workouts, and surgical procedures promising to improve penile length and breadth.

There is, however, limited scientific basis for nonsurgical penile enlargement treatments. In addition, no significant medical body advocates penis surgery for aesthetic purposes.

Additionally, most procedures promoted are unsuccessful, and some even cause penile harm. So consider carefully before attempting any of these. 

What Are The Various Ways To Increase Penis Length?

Most marketed penis-enlargement techniques are useless, and some might cause irreversible harm to the penis. Here are a few of the most commonly advertised items and methods:

Pills and creams: Manufacturers say that they typically include vitamins, minerals, herbs, or hormones that expand the penis.

Neither of these items is effective, and several may be hazardous.

Vacuum pumps: Pumps induce erections in mention who experience ED by drawing blood into it. Further, such devices are not a suitable method if you are thinking about how to increase penis size. Additionally, the erections obtained after using this pump may make your penis appear significant, but that is momentary. 

Hence, avoid such pumps that claim to increase penis length. A vacuum pump may temporarily enlarge the appearance of the penis.

However, excessive use might impair elastic tissues in the penis, resulting in less robust erections.

Exercises: These exercises, also known as jelqing, involve hand motion to move blood from the bottom to the penis head. Some may prefer it as a way to naturally increase penis length. Although this treatment may seem safer than others, there is no scientific proof that it is effective and may cause scarring, ache, and disfigurement.

Stretching: Attaching an extender or stretcher device, also known as a penile traction gadget, to the penis to provide slight stress constitutes stretching. More substantial and reliable studies are required to demonstrate safety and efficacy.

ways to increase penis length

Can Surgeries Help To Increase Penis Length?

In terms of safety, efficacy, and patient experience, the existing surgical procedures to extend the penis have shown mixed outcomes. At most, surgery like division of the suspensory ligament might add half-inch (1 centimeter) to the look of a flaccid penis. However, it has little effect on the penis’s actual length.

Surgery may cause infections, scars, and lack of sensation or functioning in the worst cases. 

Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?

The pills on the marketplace nowadays are available as nutritional supplements. They say that by increasing blood flow to the genitals, the endurance of an erection increases. In addition, they promise to increase general arousal, endurance, and performance.

Numerous penis enlargement pills contain a mix of natural substances, including:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Maca Root
  • Yohimbe

Further, some evidence on these substances claims to work penis size. However, studies do not confirm that these medications may increase penis length. 

Yet, the moment you consider FDA-Approved medicine to increase penis size, this may impact your erection quality and endurance. So all the FDA-approved medications work by boosting nitric oxide that can widen blood vessels, resulting in better blood flow to your penis.

There are often risks associated with utilizing drugs or supplements, so it is essential to research and try anything unfamiliar.

When searching for medications to increase penis length, you may consider looking for medications from Ohman. The doctor prescribes the medications that Ohman offers only after considering your issues. Further, each drug that you consider purchasing from our platform is FDA-approved, and hence, they are effective and possess no harm. 

Ohman experts highly discourage over-the-counter penis enlargement supplements, particularly those promoted online, since the ingredients aren’t safe. However, when it relates to FDA-approved pharmaceuticals, there is sufficient information available for you to have an educated conversation with your healthcare practitioner about the advantages and downsides of the prescription in your specific case. 


To increase penis length, several methods may help make a slight change in the penis. Yet, don’t fall prey to fake or fraud medication promoted online for penis enlargement. You can always trust Ohman and book an online consultation to find the best medication to increase penis size.  Read more exciting article at Apunkagames

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