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Beautify Your Space with A Unique and Exclusive Butterfly Paintings

Butterflies are a symbol of love, peace, and happiness harmonizing a space. It gives positive energy to the home and balances all the energies. When you see a butterfly fluttering, it is the most beautiful thing to watch. They are so delicate creatures with such vibrant colors that it feels amazing to see. Anybody would want to make them part of their life in form of paintings, cushions, or wall stickers. They not only bring wellness but signifies wealth also.

Wall mantra has an exclusive collection of butterfly paintings with various designs and patterns in different colors. You can find butterfly oil paintings, acrylic, and abstract painting along with different kinds for living and bedrooms. Just select the best one as per your taste and the vibe of your home. The Butterfly wall paintings should be such that it matches the theme including the color and contrast of the interiors of your space. Butterfly paintings are so versatile and unique that they can be put in any part of the home whether it is your living room or bedroom, kitchen, or any space. It will just enhance the beauty of any space making it more colorful and vibrant.  

Where you should put your butterfly painting

Placing the painting plays a significant role in our home and we can guide you to which is the best position to place your paintings. Earlier the idea was taken from Chinese tradition and is now accepted by us also. According to our Vastu, the southwest direction is considered the perfect position to hang the painting on the wall. Rest it entirely depends on your belief and where you want to put the painting. It is considered a source of positivity and happiness so it is a painting that you can choose.

Some ideas to choose which type of butterfly painting

Butterflies face in one direction– You can choose a painting in which the butterflies are flying in one direction. You can also choose any color from pink, green, yellow and blue. It gives a systematic look to the wall and looks refreshing.

Butterflies in a different direction– At the wall mantra you can have many options if you are interested in a painting in which butterflies are flying in all the directions, we have that also for you. It gives a very natural look to the room and makes it more attractive. It feels that a patch of the garden has been cut and pasted on the wall. These natural scenic beauties not only make you happy but calm you down also. 

Collage of butterfly painting– you can choose the same type of painting in two or more pieces and choose a shape also. Like wall mantra have paintings in circle or hexagon shapes. It is a good option for people who like different shapes. It gives a collage feeling and can fill an empty wall. There is no need for any other décor on that wall.

Abstract painting– Abstract paintings have an altogether different feel and the color combinations used are very unique giving them a pleasant look. It is very pleasing to the eyes and this type of painting can be used in the bedroom. It can be a very good option for even your kid’s bedroom. Children always get fantasize about animals and new things. And they enjoy watching such pictures which have beautiful creatures in them. Also, the bedroom is the place where people unwind and come to relax so such paintings are always calming to the mind.

Oil and acrylic painting– Both types of painting are contrasting to each other. In acrylic painting, watercolors are used which make different patterns whereas, in oil painting, different oils are used. Both are a good choice and can be used in your living room and space. Also, these can be used in the kitchen.

Wall mantra promises premium quality products with fewer complaints. Wall mantra has different products like paintings and other home décor items from which you can choose various products and renovate your home. We provide free shipping and delivery within 7-8 working days. Payment options are easy and convenient with the easy refund policy. There are big discounts available on the first purchase and after that also.

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