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Oval-shaped diamond rings for your engagement

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Even though new shapes of diamonds rise in a few years, the popularity of oval-shaped diamond rings remains high. It has maintained a pristine image as it has got the most timeless cuts. An oval-shaped diamond is the modified version of a round cut but unlike a round-cut, its elongated shape gives an illusion of the size. There are many reasons why an oval-shaped diamond ring for your engagement is the best choice for you.  

Traditional yet unique

The oval-shaped diamond ring has been immensely popular for decades. From deco halos to the latest thin band settings, the oval diamond rings are eternally beautiful and fashionable. Despite being so popular, the uniqueness of the oval diamonds isn’t lost. It still stands out from the crowd and catches people’s attention for sure. 

Offers bigger diamonds for the same price

If you are in search of a good deal while buying a diamond ring, then selecting an oval-shaped diamond would be a smart move. How? Here’s the answer- Let’s say you are confused between a 2-carat round and a 2-carat oval-shaped diamond. They can be of the same weight, but because of the elongated shape of the oval diamond, it shall take more space on your ring finger and make an illusion of a bigger diamond. Oval-shaped diamonds can be a bit pricey, but it’s worth the money. You can also save bucks by buying an oval lab diamond engagement ring. 

Its beautiful bow tie formation

The oval-shaped diamond has got something special in it that the other diamond cuts don’t have a visible bow and tie formation present in the stone. The effect is created in the diamond as the light does not reflect in the center of the diamond. It is because of the oval cut of the diamond while giving the oval shape. This feature of oval diamonds makes the stone incredibly beautiful and different from the other shapes of diamonds

Oval diamonds are versatile

When it comes to setting, nothing can beat the versatility of an oval-shaped diamond. The oval-shaped diamonds pair well with any settings. Be it solitaire, or a tiffany ring, or even a three-stone ring and halo ring, every setting of stones shall complement the oval shape of the diamond naturally. 

A popular choice of celebs

Everyone wants to go with the choice of celebrities, as they are the people who bring trends. Oval-shaped diamonds are the choice of celebrities too. Blake Lively’s long-time husband Ryan Reynolds proposed to her with a pink 12-carat oval diamond engagement ring. After this, the popularity of oval-shaped diamonds also increased. Another celeb, basketball player David Lee proposed his girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki, with an 8.8-carat oval diamond engagement ring.

All in all, there’s hardly any way you can ignore the aesthetic and benefits of oval-shaped diamond rings. Oval-shaped rings shall make your jewelry exceptionally classy by adding a touch of a modern yet traditional look. If you visit Hatton Garden, you can find the most beautiful oval diamond rings.

Oval is only one size to choose from for diamond rings, but oval rings are perfect for all rings. You can gift diamond rings to anyone. Your mother, daughter or wife. In fact, some women buy these rings for themselves, and the oval shape is one of the most popular shapes of all suitable diamonds.

Oval-shaped diamond rings Size

While the ring size you choose is entirely a personal choice, some people find that oval-shaped rings make their fingers look longer and slimmer. It’s not clear if this is true in every case, but if you’re looking for a ring shape that flatters your fingers, you should consider an oval diamond shape.

Oval diamond rings can be designed as a solitaire ring with just one diamond in the center, or another popular style is an oval diamond with two smaller diamonds on either side. You also have the option to set this type of ring. If you decide to go with a solitaire diamond, you may want to use the specific prong setting, but if you are including additional diamonds or other gems on the rim, you may want to look at different setting options such as Pave or Stripe. installation.

Diamond rings are also suitable for the right hand, which can be worn every day or only on special occasions, depending on your lifestyle and preferences. Some women like to shop for their rings so they can get exactly what they want. Some people like to mix gems and wear a ring with a diamond in the center and other stones like rubies or sapphires adorning each side of the diamond. Whatever your choice, oval diamond rings are a great choice if you’re in the market for diamonds.

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