How to use music for emotional intelligence during the holidays

Let’s face it, holidays songs affect our emotions. They also affect our emotions, which mean it’s an emotional songs time. We inherited singing club the feeling of another full-time job dealing songs with Scrooge, Rude co-workers, crowded postmen and shopkeepers, increased traffic, bitter memories of past holidays and … YUCK!!

What can we do to calm down, be unanimous, motivated, relived, and otherwise overcome these rising emotions without draining us by taking money and time we don’t have?

Well, what about the music!

 We combine visual arts with our award-winning emotional intelligence programs because culture is part of emotional intelligence. The beneficial effects of music are known and often easy to find.

When you’re stressed, you need relaxation or wake-up, you need energy or the kind of anonymous sadness that can happen on vacation, and music works. Even if you can’t get your hands on a CD or have a large collection of tapes, you can still surf the Internet (see clubbing legally) or turn on the radio.

Here are some tips on how to “use” it to your advantage and health during the holidays.

Do you have to be firmly committed?

How, as the metaphysicians say, when you see yourself growing a tail and it grows like an anchor in the middle of the earth, sort of in the middle?

Try everything from awesome heavy bass, loud and brassy – with a trumpet! Just make sure the lyrics aren’t distracting. The right hemisphere switches and you hear the music first, but your left hemisphere still captures the words. So don’t use something like “Oh Elizabeth” even if the tempo is good because the words are sad.

 You have to accept a difficult thing, like last year your father died on Christmas Eve and it was your first birthday

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Only classical music is suitable for this and that’s why we call it classical. We recommend Beethoven’s “heroism” to the deep need to stay when something shatters the foundation of your world. It is not for nothing that Beethoven is the world’s most famous composer.

“Heroic” means “heroic” and you should.

Beethoven experienced the worst that can happen to a person, and he won. He wrote some of his most successful works while deaf. There, in his  강남풀싸롱 . Flatten a little

A torn heart at Christmas, like you just want to sit in front of the tree and cry at the beauty and greatness of it all and leave it and have a pint of go to sleep.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Harp music is perfect for this, for example baking cookies. It doesn’t get emotions. It is close to the lyre, an instrument played by the Greek god Orpheus to calm the wild and gain the favor of Hades, the god without an altar (death), the god who cannot be forgiven. He used it to put people to sleep and you can use it to put your feelings to sleep.

“A Reggae Christmas” by Various Artists is absolutely lively, bright and fun, and yes, my friend, “sensei” rhymes with “pear tree”. Listen to it on the way to work. This woman’s smile will carry you through the day – Rasp family, we wish you a Merry Christmas and June Lodge’s Joy to the World will add more fun to your world.

If you are considering starting your own karaoke business, think of yourself as a professional. Maybe you already have something, now it’s just karaoke music.

Your first desire is to run out and buy all your favorites. I mean, you like them, so everyone should love them, right? Well, not really. You need to open your mind when choosing karaoke music. When you have a business marketing plan, you can make some assumptions.

You need to define your target market.

 In other words, who uses your services? What actions do you want to perform? If you want to make money, you probably think you can get what you want. That’s right, be prepared to choose karaoke music so you don’t get bombarded at events. Remember, you can play karaoke at a senior club and not feel good. Then you see someone thinking about their bowling party karaoke night. You may not be their choice due to the way this event is going. But on the other hand, if you have the right choice of music, it’s much better. Word of mouth can be your best advertisement in many ways.

You may not have the budget to store all categories of karaoke music to begin with. Start by listing which events use your services first. You probably don’t know this, but here are a few options.

You will definitely be added to the list.

However, there are some on the list that you probably do only rarely. So start organizing your list, likely or at least probable.

Calculate your music budget today. Take half of that and use it for the first two on your list. Now take the next two and 1/3 of the budget is left. With the remaining money, you can use it properly for other things. Now you really have to look at the list, take them all and make a list of what music is best for that group. For example, for a karaoke bar you want a basic mix of rock, rock, country and western and some love songs. It takes a real mix to bring a family together. Most of what we’ve mentioned will work well, but you should add a few options for kids, pre-teens, teens, and of course, adults.

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