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Go kitchen backsplash tiles that knock your socks off

Do you have time for something special in your kitchen? You may be wondering, “Where can I get beautiful kitchen tiles?” Amazing changes happen when backsplash tiles take over behind the stove or counter. Just look at the art available at Jerusalem Pottery. Customers love Jerusalem Ceramic Kitchens tile stove backsplash

“They are awesome and we can’t wait to install them.”

“As a designer, I’m looking for something completely unique that I can’t get from my local tile supplier.” “Here are the tiles and they are beautiful! Even though they are beautiful in the pictures, the truth is they are really beautiful!”

Its founder, , was an Armenian brought from Turkey in 1919 to work on the outer walls of an important religious site in Jerusalem. The Chicago Tribune said of him: ” pot has remained true to the old Ottoman style of floral and geometric designs, painted in dazzling blues, greens, and turquoises on a white ground. But its base.” Armenian Manuscripts “And the Churches”. His sons and Berg and grandson Hoop have now been in charge of Jerusalem pottery since his crucifixion.

Jerusalem Pottery specializes in artistic tiles handmade using traditional techniques and offers its tiles in different shapes:

Painting the kitchen tiles

* Custom name signs for homes

* A selection of framed ceramics

* Bible stories

* Pieces of Blessing

* The edges of the disc

Jerusalem ceramic tiles work well in kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, patios, and stairs and anywhere else you can imagine tiling. The bright colors of the tiles are particularly attractive. Favorites are cobalt blue, light blue, green and yellow. Choose your favorite tile art themes such as carrots, peacocks, fish, trees of life, birds, flowers and more.

Walking through their website – unless you are lucky enough

to visit their store in Jerusalem – is like visiting a special exhibition at an art museum. Looking at the tiled mural “Birds of Paradise”. Where will you place this beautiful object in your home? Admire the

Tile – and four-panel mural – perfect wing tip and round wing tip and deep cobalt blue. But admire the white gazelle plate – again – on the cobalt blue background.

Whatever your background, it’s not hard to think and get inspired by Hebrew blessing tiles, Arabic calligraphy tiles, Bible story tiles for children and scenes from the life of Jesus. Looking at the many images on the Jerusalem Pottery website, it is easy to see the great artistry and deep care and attention to detail. One is left in silent admiration.

Are you interested not only in something unusual and unique, but also in something very beautiful? Do you want to add color and art to your kitchen? Be careful then that the pot of Jerusalem does not rise; A studio that resists mass production by offering incredible art on handmade ceramic tiles using old fashioned techniques.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is not only a place where you cook for the family, but also a place where the family spends a lot of time. Quality time spent in the kitchen with the family, the space is also a place to chat and create entertainment. This makes kitchen design more important in an attractive and interesting way. The kitchen backsplash provides a backdrop for the sink and oven. The back wall of the kitchen protects the walls and prevents them from getting dirty. Backsplash tiles make cleaning easy and you can be sure that your kitchen will shine forever.

There are many options when it comes to kitchen tiles.

 From ceramics, steel to glass tiles and mosaics, you can make a decision according to your taste and preferences. Glass kitchen countertops are a popular choice these days because of the ease of maintenance and beauty they add to your kitchen. Glass kitchen countertops are certainly more expensive than many other options available, but they can make your kitchen look beautiful. This makes the extra money spent on a glass tile backsplash worth it. This is real value for money.

The back wall with a glass plate has

 a positive effect on the style and appearance of the kitchen. There are a few things to keep in mind when using a glass backsplash in your kitchen. The backgrounds of the glass tiles vary from clear to matte and stained glass. Glass is not opaque, so it is important to carefully choose the color of the grout used to repair the backs of kitchen glass. The seam can be seen behind the glass and thus the paint can affect the color of the glass. Placement of fasteners or solvents should also be done carefully. It must be applied evenly and evenly, otherwise it will show through the glass plates.

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