Different things about who is Elizabeth Huberdeau 

Elizabeth Huberdeau is famous for her relationship with the WWE superstar wrestler John Cena. Elizabeth was born on September 18, 1979. And the who is Elizabeth Huberdeau drew media attention when she decided to marry John Cena, and sadly the marriage didn’t work out and the couple separated soon. 

However, Elizabeth Huberdeau ended up being the specific figure that made the recognition across the world. Even though john Cena and Elizabeth’s marriage and separations were much-talked topics of the show the business. Many fans are still not aware of this, and we will raise the curtains on the life of Huberdeau. 

who is Elizabeth Huberdeau

The early life of the Elizabeth Huberdeau

She belongs to a normal family in Groveland, Massachusetts. And she never would end up marrying a star. In her interviews, Elizabeth mentioned that her childhood was spent like any normal American kid. Elizabeth is a pretty small girl who consumed most of her girlhood recreating with her school and residents’ friends as well as her smooth playthings.

She did her earlier schooling in her hometown Groveland Massachusetts. And who is Elizabeth Huberdeau got her bachelor’s degree from Springfield College and completed her graduation from one of the best American universities? 

Elizabeth’s family 

Her family of Elizabeth is very very supportive of his career and choices. Her father’s name is Gene Huberdeau and her name is Elizabeth A ( Jones) Huberdeau. Her mother is now retired and spends her time with her family. Elizabeth is especially close to her brother Adam Huberdeau. 

Talking about Adam Huberdeau is currently working in the fire department in Groveland and at the Feeney brother’s utility service. Adam was also married and blessed with a child. Her father passed away in 2015 at the age of 76. Then he used to work as a police officer in Massachusetts.

Career and the profession   

There is much information about Elizabeth’s work profile on the internet. And she disconnected herself from the limelight post and the separation from John Cena. Before her divorce, she was a real estate representative. And some rumors might be employed as a real estate agent even after her separation.

She moved to Florida to focus on her career and she got successful as a real estate agent. It is also rumored that she started the company and the other significant details were never revealed or come forward.

As a real estate agent, her works are limited to the construction, refurbishing of the business, trading, buying, and selling. According to her Facebook profile, Elizabeth has also worked for the fly faraway agency of travel. even though he became a part of the entertainment industry. And she didn’t feature in the movies or any tv shows.

Relationship status 

Elizabeth was married to one of the WWE wrestlers, John Cena. Their relationship was secret until john Cena broke the engagement news with Elizabeth during the promotion campaign for his movie 12 rounds. 

The couple was married in a privately held ceremony on July 11, 2009. And their marriage ended within three years. John Cena filed the divorce on May 1, 2012, and got the divorce on July 18, 2012. Later, she stirred controversy with the statement that john Cena had an extramarital affair with the wrestler Nikki Bella. 

Final thoughts 

Elizabeth churns out good money from her work as a real estate agent. Sources revealed that she raised millions of dollars from the divorce of the Ex husband john Cena paid about $52 million to Elizabeth in the divorce settlements. 

Elizabeth Huberdeau took birth in West Newbury, Massachusetts, in the United States of America. She is very dedicated to her career. That is why she did modeling and after that did business. Huberdeau is a divorced lady. John Cena and Elizabeth were studying in the same college. It could be possible that they met and were dating each other from their college times. It was not revealed by any of them.

In 2009, when John Cena was promoting his movie ‘12 Rounds’, He publicly announced his wedding to Elizabeth Huberdeau. After a long time of relationship, they were getting married. They pursued the same in 2009 in Boston Massachusetts. In 2012, they announced divorce. The reason for it is told by them as ‘Renovation of the house. But it was also rumor that Elizabeth Huberdeau has doubts about John Cena and that he has extramarital affairs.

They get divorc within 2 months of filing it. They have no kids as John Cena does not want to be a father. From multiple sources, it comes to be known that she is in a relationship with Eli Ayoub. As she has not upload it on the social platform so it is not confirm yet. We can say that she is still single.

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