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Having young children, especially twins, can be stressful; choosing the right stroller doesn’t need to add to your stress! The fact is, there are several brands and styles to choose from, and they all have pros and cons. The first thing to do is decide what types of features you’d like in a double stroller. These double stroller reviews should give you the information you need in order to make an informed decision. Of course, each recommended stroller is manufactured with all of the necessary safety standards.

Tandem Strollers
Tandem strollers are the type where one child sits behind and one is upfront. Obviously, the child in the back is going to have an obstructed view, but there are brands that have a raised back seat to improve the view. For infants, the front folds down flat so your baby can lie comfortably. Some strollers have reversible seats as well, so the child can face the parent, or the children can face each other. Tandem strollers are perfect for families with infants and toddlers; the stroller can be adapted to accommodate your baby, and still be used when they get older.

Best Selling Tandem Strollers: Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem II Stroller; Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller; Jeep Traveler Tandem Stroller.

Side-by-Side Strollers
Side-by-side strollers are great for twins; the biggest downside to these types of strollers is the width; it may be hard to maneuver in certain spaces. Both seats are identical in features and looks and can accommodate twins perfectly, or children who are very close in age. Keep in mind that these strollers have six sets of wheels instead of four, which can be difficult to steer and push. The biggest advantage to side-by-side strollers is that you have easy access to both children without anything getting in the way.

Best Selling Side-by-Side Strollers: McLaren Twin Triumph Stroller; Combi Twin Sport Stroller; Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport All-Weather Stroller

Sit-and-Stand Strollers
Any parent of a toddler will tell you stories of their kids turning into Mexican jumping beans when they are out for a walk or in a store. One minute they want to ride in the stroller, the next minute they want to get out and run around. This is a great option for an active toddler and an infant. Your toddler can ride the stroller or jump off and walk beside you. They can even ride the stroller safely while standing up.

Best Selling Sit-and-Stand Strollers: Baby Trend Galaxy Sit N’ Stand Stroller; Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller; Elite Sit n Stand Double Baby Stroller.

Double Jogging Strollers
For parents who want to stay in shape, you don’t have to miss your morning jog or miss out on quality time with your kids. Double jogging strollers are the perfect solution to keeping active, for both you and your little ones. The main feature of these strollers are the one swivel wheel in the front; it is easily maneuverable over any terrain you choose, and locks forward for when you’re jogging. The seats are padded and are quite comfortable and safe for your kids, so you don’t have to worry about them getting jostled around too much while you’re getting your exercise.

Best Selling Double Jogging Strollers: BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller; Tike Tech Double All Terrain X3 Sport Stroller; Kelty Speedster Deuce Swivel.

Other Features
Whatever stroller you choose, make sure that it has enough storage, cup holders, snack trays, etc. to fit your needs. Of course price is always a consideration, but don’t choose on price alone; safety and quality are obviously the utmost importance. These Double stroller reviews will help you decide on what’s best for you and your family

While the mid-sized duo stroller is not as luxurious as the full-sized double stroller, parents really like the mid-sized strollers for its ease of folding and compact size. Mid-sized duo strollers are perfect if you like to walk on hard surfaces, such as a side walk. They are lightweight but sturdy and easy to steer and push.

And then there are the double jogging strollers. Jogging double strollers are designed with bigger wheels, up to a 20 inch diameter, to minimize the bumps and shocks transferring from the street to the babies. They have sturdy handles so that the parent has a good grip to keep the stroller from rolling away, especially on the downhill.

Jogging duo strollers are designed with the type of activity they will be used for. What you intend for the double stroller to do, beside holding your precious babies, will make a difference on which jogging stroller to choose. How often and how far will you use this stroller? Does it need to double as your basic stroller for mall visits? Are you using it on sidewalks or cross country? Do you need it to hitch to your bike? How small do you need it to fold?

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