Instructions on How to Draw Rosa Parks Easily

How to Draw Rosa Parks. When there is an injustice to groups of people in any society, it sometimes takes a few brave souls to stand up for what they believe in.

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In the case of Rosa Parks, she sat for what she believed in during a case when she refused to leave her seat on a separate bus.

This defiance became symbolic of the civil rights movement and inspired many others to take a stand against bigotry and segregation.

Rosa Parks later became an extremely famous and inspirational figure in this movement, and many are happy to pay homage to her by learning how to draw Rosa Parks. If you are one of the people inspired by this amazing woman, this is the guide for you!

How to Draw Rosa Parks

Step 1

Drawing real people can be challenging, even for experienced artists, as you need to get the details right to make someone recognizable.

While this can be tricky, we’re making it easier for you by breaking it down into smaller steps as we begin this how to draw Rosa Parks guide!

Let’s draw his glasses and the outline of his face. You can use some rounded shapes for the lenses of his glasses and then some subtle curved shapes for the frames.

Draw the eyebrows over the glasses, and then you can finish with rounded lines for the contours of her face. Then you are ready for step 2 of this guide!

Step 2

We will add her facial features in this second part of your drawing of Rosa Parks.

This might be one of the more complicated steps in this guide. So if you’re working on it, you should copy our reference image exactly.

This may sound not easy, but if you take it section by section and work slowly and carefully, you should be fine with it!

Add elements like eyes, nose, mouth, and ears, and then use curved lines for facial wrinkles.

Step 3

With her face drawn, we can now move on to the outline of her hair in this third step of our tutorial on how to draw Rosa Parks.

For the sides of her hairstyle, we will use many curved lines close together to make her look tied up.

Next, we will use curved, jagged lines for the top of her hairstyle to finish it off.

If you’re happy with how this design element looks, we can move on to part four of the guide.

Step 4

You’re almost ready to add some detail and finishing touches to your drawing of Rosa Parks, but first, we’ll finish the outline of the image.

To do this, we’ll draw the collar of his sweater.

You can use a few curved lines at the base of the neck and add more of those curved lines around the edge of the sweater to make it look more wrinkled.

So you’ll be ready for the finishing touches as you tackle step 5 of the guide!

Step 5

To finish this drawing, we’re adding a few more minor details that will help add a little more depth to this image.

Draw Rosa Parks

These final details will set you up for the final step of this how-to-draw Rosa Parks guide!

As we add these finer details, we keep them subtle by adding smaller lines all over the face and clothing.

These small details help to make the picture more shadowy, and you can add some straight lines to her glasses to make her look shiny.

When you are done with the details, you can also move on to your details and ideas!

There are some great ways to do this, and one idea would be to embed text showing some famous quotes from Rosa Parks.

Step 6

Now you’re ready to finish off this drawing of Rosa Parks with some paint! In our reference image, we kept the colors slightly muted and realistic to give the image a nice, soft look.

Rosa Parks Drawing

You can use darker shades if you like, and you could use a more stylistic color scheme for a unique approach.

If you want a similar color palette to the ones we used, then mediums like watercolor and colored pencils would be good choices.

Your Rosa Parks Drawing is Finished!

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