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A Brief Overview on the Dubai Indian High School

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Dubai has a long list of Indian high schools offering superior education with top-notch facilities for children. Indian expat parents who want to keep their children rooted in their culture can choose these schools. The best part is that owing to their international status, these schools provide global exposure to children and offer universally-recognized curriculum plans. 

So, if you are also looking for an Indian high school in Dubai, you will get countless choices. It is fruitful to have a deeper understanding of their teaching methodologies, vision, curriculum, and fee structure. Additionally, you should know about the admission process in the Dubai school of your preference to follow the apt steps at the right time. So, let us dig deeper and discuss things you should know about Dubai Indian schools for better understanding. 

Brief about the Dubai Indian High school

Curriculums Offered

Dubai Indian high schools offer all the curriculum plans that most international schools provide. However, the most common board option that you will find is CBSE. This curriculum is universally recognized and has subject options that offer better exposure and understanding to the students. Additionally, CBSE teaching methodologies are highly nurturing and prepare children for international competition. They get exposed to various international languages, international affairs, cultures, and much more, making them adaptable to every environment. 

Admission Process

The admission process might vary for different schools, but the fundamental procedure remains the same. You would have to purchase an application form, fill it dully with all the required fields and submit it as your interest to enrol your child in the school of your choice. Once the admission process in Dubai school starts, your child will get called for a personal interview. 

Some schools also conduct a written exam, followed by an interview in which parents must come with the child. The idea is to get an idea about the grasping power of your child and understand how committed and devoted the parents are towards their child’s education. Then, based on all these metrics, the school will release a final list of the selected candidates.

Expected Facilities

Over the years, Indian high schools in Dubai have grown exponentially. These schools are equipped with all the state-of-the-art amenities that prove helpful for the children. You can get technically-equipped classrooms supporting modern-day education facilities. Apart from this, you get fully stocked digital libraries, providing enough study material for your child. 

Academic facilities are just one upgrade you can get. These schools have multiple clubs and societies for co-curricular activities. Your child will get to explore sports, fine arts, and other skills that will help them grow in all spheres of learning. They can try all the fields they are interested in and decide what they want to pursue as a career. 

School Environment

Teachers and other faculty at any Indian high school in Dubai are qualified enough to handle children and offer them a nurturing environment. They motivate children and encourage them to participate in every aspect of learning to increase their awareness and build necessary life skills. The best way to judge the environment is to visit the school on a working day and observe the surroundings. If you see happy and motivated kids around, you know you have found the best school.

These are the fundamental things you should know about the Indian schools in Dubai. As you may get many schools available, you must do thorough research to decide which school is apt for you. Keep factors like the market reputation of the school in mind, asking your fellow parents about their views about the school. Opt for an institute that sounds promising in curriculum, fee, and amenities. Enrol your child there to start his journey towards a successful future.

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