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Is Vaping Safe As Compared To Smoking? | IVG Bar

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Is vaping a friend or an enemy in the fight to quit smoking? Although the verdict is still out, they aren’t harmless. Studies have shown that e-cigarettes are more effective than traditional nicotine replacement therapy, such as gums, in helping people stop smoking. In addition, FDA determined disposable vape are much less harmful than conventional cigarettes. 

The toxins in vapes are less than the combustible cigarettes. How low is sufficient, however, is something we don’t know. So let’s discuss this in detail to learn more about this!

Is Vaping Healthier Than Traditional Smoking?

As we are talking about disposable vaping devices, it is as secure as any other vaping product available currently. So even though they come with some possible risks, they are a far safer option than smoking cigarettes. 

As Public Health England says, vaping is a 95% healthier option than combustible tobacco products. The majority of vapers are former smokers who are in favour of adopting the less lethal habit of smoking. But that doesn’t mean that a disposable vape is risk-free; it is only 95% safer.

Nic Salt E-liquids: 

Nicotine in vape products, usually nicotine salt in disposable devices like IVG Bar and Elux Legend, etc, isn’t harmful but can become addictive. Therefore, using nicotine-free disposable kits is recommended if you are not using them as a substitute for cigarette smoking. Disposable vapes contain pre-filled e-liquids, which consist of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, nic salt, and flavours.

PG and VG are food-grade components that are safe to consume, unlike tobacco products which contain thousands of chemicals, out of which many are toxins. So far, cancerous elements have not been found in vapours produced by vape devices like IVG Bar and Elux Legend, etc.

IVG Bar and Elux Legend disposable devices also include flavourings in their e-liquid. So a question arises here; is it a single-use vape device safe? It is a safer option to smoke. So, if you are using them to quit your smoking habit, you are doing a great thing. 

Media And Disposable Kits:

There is no doubt that the media has been talking against vaping for a number of years, and disposable vapes kits appear to feed the fire. Most of the time, media and newspapers tell you about smoking-related ailments when comparing vape products to cigarettes. 

But the fact is, the tar and carbon monoxide that is the mean reason for lung and heart diseases due to smoking are not present in vape clouds. Therefore, it is just a false statement that a disposable vape might be as harmful as like cigarette; in fact, it is much safer than traditional cigarettes. 

Control Over Nicotine Intake:

Vaping allows you to have absolute control over your nicotine dose. E-juice is accessible in different ranges, from nicotine-free to high-strength nicotine.

You can pick precisely how much nicotine should be in your vape kits— or even go for nicotine-free e-liquids. Most ex-smokers will get going with high nicotine levels during vaping and, step by step, work their direction down to bring down strength or even wipe out nicotine.


You can’t deny that smoking is an expensive habit. You have to take a lot of money consistently to smoke it out. But vaping is a significantly more reasonable choice. Even vape accessories, such as vape tanks, are a less expensive option in contrast to smoking. Research shows in U.K. and U.S. that vaping habits can ultimately be 40% more affordable than smoking cigarettes.

The vaping market is vast. There are a lot of products and devices that range from a few pounds to hundreds.

Better For Your Well-Being

Vaping is assessed to be 95% preferred for your well-being over smoking, and its viability as a stopping aid implies you’re more likely to chop down or stop smoking, which is the most significant advantage of all.

E-liquids used in vape tanks contain far fewer toxic substances than cigarette smoke and don’t remain in the body like tar in the lungs does when you smoke. You can also use nic salts in your vape. Nic salts are laboratory-made nicotine assembled with vape juice, making an e-fluid that you can use in vape kits. A salt nicotine vape utilises this juice, and keeping in mind that these have a more substantial capacity and shelf life, it’s more reasonable for your body to make a better absorption.

Wrapping Up!

As with any other vaping device like IVG Bar, disposable kits are a far safer option for adults who are addicted to cigarette smoking. The reason behind that is that they don’t comprise toxins or carcinogens like combustible tobacco products. 
If a person struggles to quit smoking, a disposable vape is a good option. It is the most accessible vape product and provides a great experience. We hope this comprehensive guide upgrades your knowledge about vaping being better than conventional smoking.

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