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Which Preschool Teaching Methods and Techniques Are Best for My Child?

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Parents often find it challenging to decide which preschool is best for their kids. Especially when there is a plethora of school options, each school have unique features that they will boast of to prove their worth. But as parents, we have the things to provide the best for our children. It means the search never stops. To decide the best pre-primary school in Pune that would cater to all your expectations regarding the child’s educational journey, browse school admission near me.  

The significant factor we miss out on here is that every child has a different learning curve. The methodology that worked for one child may not work for the other. We need to choose a school that follows that methodology and complies with our child’s needs in all respects. 

To know what teaching method would be apt for your child, you should know about the popular options. Let us discuss a few popular teaching methods and techniques to find out which methodology would work best for your child.

Popular preschool teaching methods

During your search for the best pre school for your kid, do factor in these teaching methods –

Montessori Method

This teaching methodology is based on learning through various engaging activities. The teachers believe that children are thirsty for knowledge, and if the ways are right, they will absorb all of it very well. Montessori schools have a proper setup for activities through which teachers teach various academic concepts to the children. 

They also give every child the freedom to choose which activity interests them the most and participate in that. Though the environment is child-centric, they do maintain proper discipline at school. 

Play-Way Method

A pre primary school in Pune might offer the play way method. Here the concept of closed classroom learning needs to be followed. It means children learn in open spaces with lots of props around them. They learn to count through various games and identify colours from the things around them. 

Some parents might wonder if it will kill the academic knowledge of their child. It makes kids more interested and engaged in education. They wouldn’t have the stress of going to school every day as it would be a fun-filled and enjoyable experience. 

Co-op Preschool

We should be an active part of our child’s educational journey, and co-op preschool is best for this. In this method, the parent volunteers actively design a fruitful education journey for their children. There will still be teachers and other educators in the school, but parents will also serve as a helping hand. 

This education technique comes with a hefty fee as the school has to make necessary arrangements to involve parents. Some parents feel it is the right way as they witness how their child performs at school and have the liberty to make necessary changes in the techniques. 

Waldorf Approach

The focus of this teaching methodology is to raise all-rounders. They focus on academics but give equal emphasis on the overall personality of every student. Schools incorporating this teaching method include music, art, sports, and every other aspect of learning in their curriculum. 

Moreover, they motivate their students to participate actively in all of these to ensure holistic development. If you put your child under this technique, rest assured that they will grow up to excel personally and professionally.

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