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Some Critical Tips You Need to Secure Your IoT Devices 

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How is IoT transforming businesses? 

Have you heard of the term “Internet of Things” before? Well, in this fast-paced digitally transforming world, we doubt if anyone is still not aware of the term ‘IoT’.  

But then again, IoT has been around for about 20 years now. Why such a sudden focus on it now? 

With the IoT trends and technology, businesses can improve their efficiency by integrating ingenious sensors into everyday objects. As a result, they’re able to collect data that they can use to monitor processes and make more informed decisions. In short, top IoT trends are transforming businesses in more ways than one. 

Just consider the IoT ecosystem and its business implications. If we include new IoT trends and technology in our view of the world, they can be seen as a small piece of our future. This article will dive deeper into how top IoT trends are transforming businesses and how they will benefit from it. 

What is IoT? 

The Internet of Things is one of the most important innovations in business today. It has changed how we communicate, shop, and get on with our daily lives. In a world that is increasingly connected through technology and where creative thinking is a key requirement to survive, the IoT is transforming companies – big and small – across many different industries. 

As businesses become more and more advanced, so are the capabilities of their IoT infrastructure. This is creating a new generation of ‘smart’ devices that will allow enterprises to fine-tune processes and optimize business processes in real-time. 

In the IoT space, a lot is going on right now. Big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence are transforming businesses at an astonishing rate. While these trends are most likely affecting your business today, it’s likely that in the next few years, nothing will have changed for them. 

However, with such advantages, come some disadvantages too! One such issue is the protection of IoT devices from cybersecurity threats. So, below are certain tips to keep in mind when trying to protect IoT devices from cybersecurity problems. 

Creating a complex and unbreakable password 

IoT devices like any advanced computer or smartphone have a control panel page where the configuration of the setting can be done. However, the password of the page is secured with a password. But some unaware users use the device without changing the default admin password for most IoT devices. With IoT machines always connected to the internet and passwords of the devices being widely documented online. It is always advised to change the default device passwords to a complex one to prevent cybersecurity threats. Always ensure to choose a complicated string of letters, numbers, and other characters. Choosing a simple password will make you vulnerable to several security threats. 

Eliminating the auto-connection of devices 

As soon as IoT devices are taken out from their packaging and switched on, they are ready to auto-connect to any available open wi-fi by default. Well, this feature was set up to make the installation process convenient to make it time-efficient without needing to do the WIFI configuration. While convenient, this feature can also be dangerous and compromise your trusted wi-fi network. Make sure your IoT has been configured to use just one wi-fi and not auto-connect to any nearby open and password wi-fi routers. 

Evaluating the security features 

All IoT devices do not perform equally or have similar features. However, some manufacturers integrate security features into the devices, so always ensure to check the manufacturer’s website to know how you can enable those features. 

Research before you buy 

Looks and aesthetics are always the most interesting part of IoT devices. But these visually appealing features can risk the security of your IoT devices.  Therefore, it is essential to go through reviews and conduct thorough research before buying an IoT device. Many manufacturers are selling feature-rich IoT devices in the market. However, it’s essential to look for the best ones with robust security features. 

Updating the firmware 

An IoT device should be able to auto-update its firmware before using it as this fixes the potential bugs and cyber threats in the IoT device. After deploying the device successfully, make sure to run checks and scans every month to prevent cyber threats.  

The above tips are essential to prevent your IoT devices from potential threats. However, if you’re still looking to integrate IoT into your business successfully then get in touch with Antino Labs today! 

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