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Improve Special Education For All Children With Special Needs

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‘Special Education’ denotes customised teaching for physically, mentally and emotionally challenged children. 

More specifically, these children have conditions like –

  • Cognitive impairments 
  • Hearing disabilities 
  • Vision, speech and learning impairments 

Moreover, kids with superior academic abilities or having neurological and orthopaedic disabilities also label as ‘Special Children.’

To impart proper learning and education to these kids, typical school practices must undergo unique modifications.

In other words, these special children require ‘Special Needs Education.

Unfortunately, the Existing Community Is Unaware Of the Potential for Learning in Special Children

The community (in general) has low expectations of these special kids. Of course, much of that is because they aren’t aware of their potential for learning and advancement.

But parents must believe in the value and advantages of providing proper Education and learning to kids with special needs.

They must set high expectations for these special children (much like any average child) as doing so increases acceptance of such kids in their families and community. 

SPECIAL SCHOOLS for Children with Special Needs 

The Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment states –

Kids with special needs (or with several disabilities) facing trouble coping with regular schools must enrol in Special Schools. 

Such schools situate in urban regions and are run by voluntary participants. They are predominantly residential schools, and their complementary boarding, lodging and other services are cost-free.

Per Reports – Over 3000 Special Schools Exist Throughout. 

Out of them –

  • 900 are for kids with hearing impairments
  • 400 for children with visual impairment
  • 1000 for kids with mental disabilities 
  • 700 for children suffering from physical impairment

The Ministry Further Opines –

The basic or benchmark for determining kids’ admission in Special Schools is 40%(for any specific type of disability).

Improved Teaching Tactics for Special Kids

Kids with disabilities often show potential for better learning and advancement when teachers implement unique teaching tactics such as –

  • Learning corners 
  • Analysis of tasks 
  • Multisensory methods 
  • Peer teaching

Of course, besides these, there are other teaching tactics to help impart ‘Special Needs Education’; to children with severe conditions.

Improved Tactics to Develop READING SKILLS

  • Introduce new vocabulary and concepts to kids frequently. 
  • Develop and strengthen skills via worksheet exercises. 
  • Making them read out books to other students. 
  • Present useful reading materials like a dictionary or thesaurus. 
  • Using colour-coded texts (with green meaning start and red denoting stop).
  • Incorporating choral reading (reading in a group) to improve their visual and auditory stimulus.
  • Designate work to let them apply the skills learned during lessons.

Improved Tactics to Develop WRITING SKILLS

  • Allocating sufficient writing practice to kids with special needs.
  • Taping alphabets to the floor and asking students to identify them by moving towards it.
  • Helping kids develop skills for quality composting processes.
  • Integrating writing practice in language and arts to enhance their writing capabilities.
  • Making students formulate alphabets through finger painting or in sand. 
  • Letting them identify alphabets on the chalkboard using a torch or light beam.
  • Teaching them the fundamentals of quality writing by exposing them to literary compositions via reading or live demo models.

Improved Tactics to Deal with Kids with Hyperactive Disorder and Attention Deficit

  • Properly highlight all the project’s or homework’s crucial features (table of content, headings, sub-heads and topic, words, etc.)
  • Regularly repeating instructions in a proper tone to augment the clarity of guidelines and requirements.
  • Presenting students with ample materials and resources for every assignment help.
  • Adopt a gaming format to improve the novelty of the task.
  • Breaking down the task into smaller parts to lessen the workload.
  • Adopting engaging curriculum materials and resources to arouse interest in kids.
  • Setting a routine for keeping and organising objects (usually for regularly used items or books)
  • Conferring acknowledgement and class privileges to those kids performing well.

Improved Tactics to Develop Mathematical Skills

  • Make proper use of mathematical display charts. 
  • Indulge them with mathematic-instructional games.
  • Making use of tactile examples (such as paper strips of varying lengths to explain concepts of surplus and scarce).
  • Using different chalk colours or markers to explain mathematical variables (like – X, Y, +, -)
  • Presenting problem examples for every task.
  • Implementing class measurement exercises (such as the increase in members, plant growth, and each student’s height/weight and distance from one another).
  • Using colour-coded textbooks to educate kids on the relationship between adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.
  • Using graph papers to organise columns and numbers on each mathematical task properly.

More Tips to Improve Teaching for Kids with Special Needs 

  • Emphasising more on Kid’s outcome than adding more paraprofessionals and tutors.
  • EmbracingGeneral Education norms (similar for normal children) and providing effective instruction to kids with special needs.
  • Ensuring all special kids can read properly by implementing more proactive and participatory practices for them.
  • Presenting additional instructional time each day to help children with special needs.
  • Adding a resource room and specific period where tutors can deliver learning help and test preparations on several subjects
  • Ensuring content-strong faculty regularly present support and interventions in subjects like English reading, writing, and Mathematics.
  • Allowing special teachers to provide expertise in other crucial areas (like social-emotional support, case management responsibilities).
  • Include teachers with pedagogical expertise to tend to special kids’ learning through techniques like differentiation, chunking, UDL (Universal Design for learning), etc.
  • Also, focussing on presenting behaviour, safety and health support along with meeting the academic needs of special kids.
  • To aptly address special children’s social, behavioural and emotional needs by partnering with regional non-profit consultants, mental health psychoanalysts with funded insurance, teaching hospitals, etc.
  • Arranging top-quality in-district special education programs for kids with severe conditions.
  • Effective scheduling and coordination to ensure time is put to best use for children with special needs.

To Surmise

Indeed, adopting these improved tactics will positively impact kids with special needs. But to think that implementing these strategies will be easy- is a misconception!

Bringing about large-scale changes will take lots of time, effort and support from other mediums. Moreover, it will also require active participation from district leaders and the child’s parents. 

However, (at present), through apt planning and clear-cut goals, things are moving forward in the right direction to support the ‘Special Education’ need of special children. And with more support, planning and communication – it will likely improve in the near future.

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