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US Diabetes Market Projected to Reach $28.27B by 2028: Market Analysis and Forecast | Renub Research

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According to Renub Research’s latest report, “United States Diabetes Market, Size, Forecast 2023-2028, Industry Trends, Growth, Impact of Inflation, Opportunity Company Analysis” the United State Diabetes Market is estimated to reach US$ 28.27 Billion by 2028. Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death, especially Type-2 diabetes is rising at a dangerous rate in the United States. Diabetes is a severe disease that occurs when blood sugar is too high. The leading causes of diabetes are an aging population, family history, lack of physical activity, health & environmental factor, and an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. However, increased use of carbonated drinks and foods high in sugar, such as baked products made from white flour and fried food, has contributed to an unhealthy eating pattern among Americans. As per the National Diabetes Statistics Report in 2020, around 34.2 Million people in the United States have diabetes. 

Type 2 Diabetes will increasing in Forecast Period

There are mainly three types of diabetes as Type-1, Type-2, and Gestational diabetes. Type-1 diabetes usually develops in children, teens, and young adults, and it is less common than Type-2 diabetes. People with Type-1 diabetes must have get insulin by injection or pump. Type-2 diabetes is particularly concerning among young people, who can control their blood glucose by following a healthy diet plan, a regular program of physical activity, and medication. 
Whereas Gestational diabetes is caused by insulin-breaking hormones and occurs during pregnancy. There has been an improvemet in awareness regarding the health effects of diabetes in the United States. The increasing diabetes prevalence has led the U.S. Government to launch diabetes to raise awareness and prevention programs about its symptoms and encourage healthier lifestyle behaviour amongst the citizens. 

SMBG is the Leading Device Market in the United States for Diabetes Testing

A rise in the diabetic population in the United States creates more demand for SMBG devices. Adults with type 2 diabetes have exhibited increased palpability towards using technology to self-monitor health behaviours and lifestyles. Self-monitoring has streamlined regular blood testing to assess one’s diabetes control and inform changes to enhance one’s power. Large patients with diabetes, the rapid uptake of innovative, user-friendly, and technological advancements products, the rise in the aging population, and an upsurge in risk factors that lead to diabetes drive the growth of the U.S. self-monitoring blood glucose market. Technology-assisted self-monitoring has been perceived as safe and effective in eliciting favourable health outcomes.

Furthermore, Blood Glucose test strips are plastic blood testing strips used for testing diabetes. It checks the level of glucose present in the blood—an increase in the prevalence of diabetes. Growing awareness about the importance of disease management mainly drives the SMBG test strips market. 

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Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Devices uses is also Growing in the United States

The factors which significantly drive the market of CGM in the United States are the rising incidence of diabetes, Real-Time monitoring, new product launches, supporting government initiatives, and awareness about diabetic prevention programs. Although, Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) has been designed to provide a more accurate way to monitor blood glucose levels. It allows diabetic patients to regulate blood glucose better, decrease the risk of diabetes-related damage to their bodies, improve their health, and decrease healthcare costs. 

An Increasing Number of Diabetic Patients in the United States creates more Demand for Insulin Pen and Insulin Pumps in the Upcoming Year

The advantages of pens over syringes have been greater accuracy, ease of use, patient satisfaction, quality of life, and adherence in United States patients. In addition, people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes on multiple daily injections of long or short-acting insulin may benefit from an intelligent insulin pen. Approximately 3 million children and adults are estimated to have T1D in the U.S., with incidence rates gradually increasing. However, Insulin pumps deliver insulin by continuous infusion through a single subcutaneous site which is replaced, on average, every three days. However, rise in the use of insulin pumps, there have been few improvements in the racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic inequities in insulin pump use among youth people with type 1 diabetes in the United States.

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Competitive Landscape:-

United State Diabetes companies include B. Braun Melsungen AG, Eli Lilly and Company, Sanofi, BD, Novo Nordisk A/S, Ypsomed AG, Biocon, Medtronic, Insulet Corporation, Terumo Corporation, Abbott Laboratories, Roche, and Dexcom Inc. In March 2022, Dexcom released G7 first in the U.K. and will expand the launch across Europe throughout 2022. Meanwhile, the CGM system is currently under review by the Food and Drug Administration for an eventual U.S. release.

Insulin Pen – United States Market & User

  • Disposable Insulin Pen
  • Reusable Insulin Pen
  • Smart Insulin Pen

Differentiation Points of Insulin Pump Products in United States

  • Animas Vibe
  • Medtronic 530G with Enlite
  • Insulet OmniPod
  • Tandem t: slim
  • Roche Accu-Chek Combo

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