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Ceslie-Ann Kamakawiwo’ole: The Voice of Aloha

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Introduction: Hawaiian music has a special place in the hearts of those who live on the islands and those who visit. It is a unique blend of cultural influences from the Polynesian, Asian, and American communities. Among the talented artists who have contributed to the rich heritage of Hawaiian music is Ceslie-Ann Kamakawiwo’ole. She has made a name for herself as a songwriter, singer, and radio host, and has become a beloved figure in Hawaii and beyond.

Early Life and Career:

Ceslie-Ann Kamakawiwo’ole was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1957. She grew up in a musical family and was exposed to Hawaiian music from an early age. She learned to play the ukulele and guitar and began performing at local events. In the 1980s, she formed a band called The Pandanus Club and recorded two albums. However, it was her solo career that brought her widespread recognition.

Music: Ceslie-Ann Kamakawiwo’ole’s music is a blend of traditional Hawaiian music and contemporary styles. Her songs are characterized by beautiful melodies, poetic lyrics, and her unique voice. She has released several albums, including “Kaleidoscope,” “The Heart of the Ukulele,” and “Hawaiian Soul.” Her music has been featured in films and television shows, including the hit TV series “Lost.”

Radio Career:

In addition to her music career, Ceslie-Ann Kamakawiwo’ole was a popular radio host. She worked for several radio stations in Hawaii and hosted her own show, “Island Style.” The show featured interviews with local musicians, artists, and cultural figures and showcased Hawaiian music.


Ceslie-Ann Kamakawiwo’ole passed away in 2017, but her legacy lives on. She was a champion of Hawaiian culture and music and worked tirelessly to promote them. Her music continues to inspire and uplift people around the world. Her rendition of “Over the Rainbow” has become an anthem of hope and has been viewed over 800 million times on YouTube.


Ceslie-Ann Kamakawiwo’ole was a talented artist and a beloved figure in Hawaii. Her music and her spirit embody the Aloha spirit, which is the essence of Hawaiian culture. She will always be remembered for her contribution to Hawaiian music and her dedication to promoting Hawaiian culture. Her legacy is an inspiration to future generations of musicians and cultural ambassadors.

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