Bhrigu Lake Trek: the Serenity of High Mountain Meadows


The Himachal is an abode of numerous hills, valleys and lakes which have a spectacular view. The Himachal is thus often regarded as the Heaven for trekkers and mountain lovers. One such gift of nature is the Bhrigu Lake. Situated at an altitude of 14,000 feet above the mean sea level, this lake often finds a top spot among the trekkers. The Bhrigu Lake trek is a must visit for anyone who has an affinity towards the serene mountains and long stretches of green meadows. The crystal clear lake and its surroundings make it ideal for camping as well.


The Bhrigu Lake trek is a very popular destination in Himachal Pradesh, not only for its natural charisma, but also for its historical importance. The Bhrigu Lake’s history dates back a long time. It is said that a famous sage, Maharishi Bhrigu sat near the Bhrigu lake for a long time and dived  into deep meditation. This is often regarded as the possible reason, for which the lake never freezes completely. The Bhrigu lake altitude is very high, and thus it leads to partial freezing in winters. However, the locals say that the complete freezing is never possible because of the Bhrigu lake’s history.


The Bhrigu lake is situated at an altitude of 4300 metres above the mean sea level. It lies to the east of Rohtang Pass in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. The Bhrigu Lake falls in the Pir Panjal range of the Himalayas. There is no direct transportation to the lake. It can be reached by 6km. The Bhrigu lake trek begins from a small village named Gulaba, which can be reached by car from Manali. The Bhrigu lake lies in the ridges between two high mountain peaks. Anyone who completes the trek and reaches the site, is spellbound seeing the charisma of nature. There are several campsites at Rola Kholi and Jonker Thatch, which give you the opportunity to stay closer in the laps of the lofty mountains. 

Best Time to Visit

The Himalayan range is a true charisma of nature. This place holds different shades of beauty throughout the year. Similarly, the Bhrigu lake also offers different hues of beauty all throughout the year. The summers are bright, sunny, and colourful. The green meadows, the alpine trees, the birds chirping, and much more make it the finest time to explore the place. The monsoons unfold  on the other side of the Bhrigu Lake. The beauty of the lake during the rainy season is unmatched. The winters are harsh in these areas. The Bhrigu lake altitude is quite high and it results in adverse temperature drops during winter nights. However, many adventure lovers aim to view the “white” side of the mountains and hence prefer the winters for the Bhrigu lake trek. The lake displays different hues during different seasons. The lake turns greenish in summers and wears the dark blue colour by the mid monsoons. The winters see the complete white and frozen lake. The suggested time for a safe and hassle-free travel to Bhrigu lake is from mid May till October. 

The Scenic Beauty

The Bhrigu Lake is undoubtedly the abode of natural beauty because of the crystal clear lake, tall, snow-capped mountains, stretches of oak and cedar trees, as well as the green meadows with lush green grass which is crowned with drops of dew. When one starts the Bhrigu lake trekking, several popular peaks can be seen. When you move forward to the grasslands, the Shitidhar, Ladakhi, and Hanuman Tibba peep through the clouds welcoming you to the home of exotic mountains in the world. The top of the Bhrigu lake trek shows you the Indrasen and the Deo Tibba peaks.  During the autumns, or when the skies are clear, one can also have a glance of the magnificent Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal. The long green stretches of meadows along the crystal clear lake water give you a pristine atmosphere to cherish. The meadows changed texture and colour with the altitude. The grasslands which began as short, dark in colour and coarse ended up being rich and light green by the end of the trek. One can feel the smooth texture of the meadows. One might often see wild ponies playing around the green stretches of land. The other side of the trek, near Pandurupa and preserved another beauty of the Bhrigu lake. The huge green patches of meadows along the Solang Valley is a spectacle to watch. Although the Bhrigu Lake trek is famous for the beauty of the lake and the mountains, the greenery of the area also makes it a viewer’s delight. 

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